Advanced Technology Tackle Snag Backs

Wed 28 October 15


The ATTs and IW alarms from Advanced Technology Tackle are now common place in carp and specialist angling circles. These tiny silent alarms offer superb performance and reliability, that far exceeds there mid range price tag. As with all alarms of this size, when fishing locked up to snags, you’ve had to use additional snag ears to keep your rods in place, especially when violent takes are going to be the order of the day, that is until know! Introducing the ATT Snag Backs.

The ATT Snag Back fitted

Vital Statistics

The replacement back panels increase the height of the ears from 18mm in length as found on the fitted as standard back panels, to 28mm in height (these measurements are from the tip of the ear to the base of the internal rod seat) This additional height added to the ears, makes it possible to fish locked up without any fear of the rod being ripped of the alarm when aggressive takes are on the cards.

There are two handy Snag Back packs to choose from. The standard Snag Back includes a Snag Back, one gasket and four replacement screws and this sells for £8.99. The second option is the Snag Back kit, this features all of the above plus a Neoprene case with an integral magnet, that when fitted, this turn off head when not in use and in transit and this will cost you £14.99.

How to fit your Snag Backs

1 – loosen the tensioning nut on the threaded bolt so it is clear of the alarms body and using a small Philips screw driver remove all four screw and the gasket from the alarm.

Fitting ATT Snag Backs part one

2 – Then insert the new gasket into the Snag back, ensuring that it is not twisted and fitted correctly. This is critical to ensure the alarm stays totally waterproof at all times.

ATT Snag Back with the gasket perfectly fitted

3 – Then carefully place the alarms body onto the Snag Back, ensuring that the body and the back are perfectly lined up and securely together. The place one of the new screws in each corner and slowly tension the screw, rotating from screw to screw until they are as tight as you can get them.

Snag Back ready to be screwed in place

4 – Once you have secured the screw, simply give the alarms magnetic roller a quick spin just to ensure that the alarm is still working perfectly. Once you have done this place the Neoprene cover over the alarm and it then immobilised ready for your next outing,.

Once the Neoprene cover is fitted over the alarm, it is then immobilised

Final Thoughts

the UKMA team have been using the ATT Snag Backs since March this year (2015). They are very simple to fit (follow the instructions above) and once fitted correctly, they totally do away with the need for snag ears, meaning you can travel just that little bit lighter. So if you use either the ATTs or IW alarms, the Snag Backs are totally compatible with both models , so you can be assured that your rods will stay on the alarms even during an aggressive take.

Foot Note – Both the Snag Backs and Snag Back Kits are available from all leading ATT and Gardner Tackle stockists.


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