Korda Stow Indicators 2015

Tue 12 May 15


The Korda Stow Indicators are now common place in carp and specialist angling circles, with it being hard to visit water where you wont find at least one angler using them. However, not everyone has been a carp angler for the past 4 years, so the UKCA team decided it was time we gave them another good look and illustrate what they have to offer you the angler.

The Stow Indicator history

Korda Green Stow indicator

This first delve into bit indication is based around a classic design by southern based angler Carl Pashley. The Elstow Bobbins as they were originally known, have been around for some twenty years know and were originally manufactured from bits of syringes with carbon clips mounted on the side. But like everything they touch, Korda have put nearly two years development into the finished product, to release a comprehensive indication system called the Stow, read on as we show you the entire range and the benefits of using this very popular indicators

The Stow Bite Indicator complete System RRP £19.99

The Stow Bite indicator Complete System

The Stow Bite Indicators are totally original in there design for two very obvious reasons. Firstly the line is trapped to the side of the indicator by a plastic clip making every movement of the line register as a visible indication on the indicator. Secondly unlike conventional indication systems, the Stow Indicators are designed to drop off your reel line when you get a take unlike conventional indicators that are designed to let the line pass through and stay attached during takes. This eliminates any chance of entrapment of indicators in your alarms during real aggressive takes.

No matter what type of alarm you use, there is a suitable connector chain in the Korda Stow complete system. The system comprises of one Stow indicator, one hockey Stick and two chain attachments of different lengths. The First has a short bar and chain that is designed to allow instant line release when the indicator head is in line with the roller wheel of say a Delkim or ACE I-3 sized alarms. The second bar and chain (on the rear of the blister packaging is also designed with the same task in mind but is more suited to smaller alarms including the ATTs and Gardner TLB’s.

Stow Indicator side line clip

These well thought out indicators are suitable for close or long range work with slack or tight lines. The Stow Indicators a made with a 4g weight as standard which is fine for all normal angling situations but when the weather starts to have a go, then something a little more substantial is required. To handle strong tows you have what Korda have named the “Over Weights”. These precisely machined, stainless steel weights are easy to change and are available in 6 & 8g options and can be brought in packs of 2 or three to suit your angling requirements.

Stow 6 & 8g Overweights

The Stow indicators are available in eight distinctive colour options, so eve the tartiest of anglers (you know who you are) will have a colour they like. The colours currently available in the range are yellow, white, red, orange, green, purple, black and clear and these sell for £6.99 per indicator when sold separately.

UKCA Field tested for four years

Korda have looked very carefully at these indicators and put together a superb bite indicator and accessory package that can be custom designed to exactly suit your individual style of fishing. after using the Stow for the majority of our angling, we have been delighted with their versatility and all round performance. You simply have to admire these very unique bite indicators, as they offer a degree of indication that cant be matched by conventional indicators with every single movement of your line clearly registers as a positive movement of the indicators head.

I have used the Stow Bite Indicators for numerous sessions and was able to see the benefits of this type of indicator first hand and instantly liked there simplicity and sensitivity. It took me a little while to establish the full Essex Boy spirit level bling look but once fitted with Beta Lights they will definitely appeal to the tackle tarts amongst you as they do look the mutt’s nuts.

For full information on the accessories available in the Stow Range, please watch the video below.



Visit the Website: http://www.korda.co.uk/