Cotswold Aquarius Slim Buoy Landing Net Float

Wed 28 October 15


Net floats, have now made their place on the carp and specialist anglers list of items to own. These buoyant attachments fit on the net handle and secure to the net via a Velcro retaining strap and assist in making the net semi buoyant, to make the netting of fish just that little bit easier. For some time now, Cotswold Aquarius have been making the Slim Buoy Landing Net Floats in the traditional Cotswold green material but with the growth of the very popular Woodland Camo range, they’ve now released the Slim Buoy to match.

Cotswold Aquarius - Camo Slim Buoy Landing Net Float

These very buoyant net floats are made from high density internal foam buoy with a fully waterproof outer skin in the woodland camo (DPM). To secure the Slim Buoy to your landing net, remove the spreader block, slide the Slim Buoy over the threaded end, ensuring that the Velcro is at the top. Then re-attach the spreader block and secure the Velcro over the spreader block. Then simply tension the elasticated pull strings at the base of the Slim Bouy and the job is done.

Final Thoughts

The Slim Buoy Landing Net float measures in at 10” x 1.5” (254mm x 38mm) and is designed specifically for low diameter handles and these sell for £13.99. If you have an old school chunky handle, you should consider the larger Fat Buoy Landing net float which will comfortably fit on all net handles currently available on the market, and this larger option sells for £15.99.


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