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Mon 31 August 15


Finding good quality luggage that offers plenty of storage options, whilst not breaking the bank is a bit of a mission these days. To make your search that little bit easier, the UKCA team have been having a proper look at what Oxfordshire based ESP have got to offer in this department, read on as we talk you through several items in this very impressive and cost affective range of luggage,

ESP Cool Bag Large £24.99

ESP Cool Bag Large

This large cool bag has a 32 litres capacity and measures in 42cm x 32cm x 24cm in size. The outer material is made from 900d PVC back nylon material that is a sage green in colour and fully waterproof, with a black wipe clean base, making it easy to keep clean. All internal walls of the main compartment have been insulated with a bronze coloured foil lining, that keeps the internal temperature very cold when you put a few freezer blocks and frozen baits or food inside.

ESP Cool Bag Large features

On the front panel, you have a pocket, which measures in at 30mm deep x 250mm high x 350mm wide with a two way zip entrance, ideal for a small food kit, towels etc. To transport the Cool Bag Large around you have the choice of either two webbed carry handles or a fully adjustable shoulder strap with added padding for comfort when fully loaded.

ESP Rucksack £29.99

ESP Rucksack

This 40-litre capacity is compact and very comfortable to carry, making it ideal for the roving angler or angler who likes to carry minimal amounts of gear. It is manufactured from 900d PVC back nylon material that is a sage green in colour and fully waterproof, with a reinforced base to protect the Backpack from moisture and damage. For ease of transportation you have two fully adjustable padded shoulder straps, with a sternum straps to make this Backpack fit securely when you’re on the move. Alternatively, you can carry it in your hand, via the webbed and padded carry handle.

The ESP Backpack features three external zipped pockets, the two side pockets measure in at 50mm deep x 370mm high x 200mm wide, making them ideal for rig cases, bank sticks etc. The front pocket measures in at 50mm deep x 370mm high x 340mm wide and comfortably holds a medium sized tackle box or accessory cases. The sizeable main compartment will comfortably store enough gear for all day and over-night sessions including a kettle and a cooker.

Key Feature – Over the top of the front pocket you have two external, fully adjustable webbing straps with clip lock fittings, so you can attach a roll up unhooking mat or other essential items.

ESP Medium Carryall £39.95

ESP Medium Carryall

This 30-litre capacity is ideally suited for travelling light and short session gear transportation and storage. it is manufactured from the ESP luggage range standard 900d PVC back nylon material with a reinforced base for protection from moisture encroachment. You have a fully adjustable shoulder strap with padding and two carry handles.

The Medium Carryall features three external pockets, the two side pockets measure in at 95mm deep x 220mm high x 220mm wide and you can easily get a gas canister and a fold up compact stove inside with room to spare. The larger front pocket measures 80mm deep x 220mm high x 310mm wide, making it deal for scales pouches, or large tackle pouches. You also have an additional storage in the form of the fully padded buzzer bar pocket in the lid that has a two way access zip.

The main internal compartment feature three accessory pouches, two are machined into the front and one on the side internal walls. On the underside of the lid, there is also a meshed pocket with a zip access for storing documents and other slim items. To finish the Medium carryall off, you have a large pouch on the rear of the bag. This has an adjustable webbed strap with clip lock fittings and is perfect for keeping bags of bait or a pair of waterproofs in.

ESP Large Carryall £44.99

ESP Large Carryall

The Large Carryall is the one for all anglers who need to carry a lot of gear, especially when travelling abroad. It has a cavernous 50-litre capacity making it best suited for use in conjunction with a barrow. It features all the key features of the Medium Carryall being made from the same 900d PVC back nylon material with a reinforced base. With a fully adjustable shoulder strap with more than ample padding, as well as the two webbed carry handles.

This huge carryall features four external pockets. The two side pockets measure in at100mm deep x 275mm high x 275mm wide, offering enough room for a stove, kettle and gas canister. The spacious front pocket measures in at 100mm deep x 275mm high x 400mm wide and will comfortably store two medium tackle pouches or similar accessory pouches. The rear outer pouch features a webbed adjustable strap with clip lock fittings.

As with it’s small brother, the Large Carryall also features a padded buzzer bar pocket in lid with a two way zip for ease of access. Open the lid and the main compartment features three large accessory pouches machined to the internal walls, which enable you to totally utilise the internal space to it’s full capacity, keeping everything nice and tidy.

Final Thoughts

This selection of ESP luggage offers you the angler functional luggage that is totally fit for the purpose it has been designed for, whilst no breaking the bank. The UKCA team highly recommend you give it a good look if you are in the market for new luggage over the coming months.


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