ESP Scales Pouch

Wed 03 June 15


Protecting your scales from breakages whilst in transit is one of those problems we all have to get around, when heading out on the bank. there is nothing worse than arriving at you swim, setting up, catching a big fish, only to find you’ve broken your scales! to assist in preventing this happening, there are several good quality scales pouches currently available to you the angler, read on as the UKCA team take a look at the latest option from Oxfordshire based ESP.

ESP Scales Pouch

Vital Statistics

This latest Scales Pouch from ESP measures in at 350mm long x 235mm wide and will comfortably store all large round dial scales. This carpy green scales pouch is made from a tough 240d nylon with a padded lining and slick nylon interior. To keep your scales securely in place, you have a drawstring opening with locking toggle, so once your scales are inside, you can lock them in place.

Final Thoughts

For all you serious session anglers, who like to ensure all your kit is protected fully whilst in transit, the ESP Scales Pouch is a basic but efficient way of storing and carrying your scales around, with piece of mind that they’re fully protected and at just £6.95 it’s a great way of saving your scales from expensive breakages.


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