Wychwood Flatstack System Starter Pack

Fri 24 July 15


With the majority of carp and specialist anglers now optimising a compact, lightweight set up that can be loaded onto a barrow in seconds to enable the angler to move to showing fish, whilst also making it possible to fully utilise available storage space within the shelter. If you are on the lookout for luggage that offers all the above, whilst also offering super value for money, then the Wychwood Epic Flatstack Starter Pack could be exactly what you are looking for.

Wychwood Epic Flatstack System Starter Pack

Vital Statistics

This twin compartment storage system offers you the angler huge amounts of storage. In fact each unit offers a massive 30 litres of storage, giving you a total storage capacity of 60 litres per set, which is more than enough space to cater for a long session. Both units are made from a durable, hard wearing green material. with a waterproof, black rubber material on the base, to prevent water getting inside when in your shelter or on the ground.

Black rubber waterproof base on both units

Both units feature a webbed carry handle at either end, an ID sleeve to put your details in for instant recognition when travelling. To access the units you have a smooth, two way zip, that enables you to get total access to the internal contents. At either end of the units you also have webbed straps with clip lock attachments to enable you to link the units together for ease of carriage.

Key features of the Epic Flatstack System

To enable you to attach the Flatstack System to your barrow, you also get two Barrow Retention Systems that simply clip onto the units and then you attach them to the barrow.

Unit One – Flatstack Acc’s Bag

Epic Flatstack Acc's bag 30 litre

This unit or bag is as the name suggests ideally suited for carrying all you accessories and larger items. This 30 litre bag is fully lined with a wipe clean brown nylon material, that has the Wychwood logo printed for all you brand logo lovers.

Unit Two – Chill Bag

Flatstack System Chill Bag

IF you carry large quantities of frozen or fresh baits with you, then the Chill Bag is definitely what you need. This huge fully insulated cool bag can easily store up to 15kg of 18mm boilies with room to spare. The internal walls all have a robust, wipe clean cover, so keeping it clean is a very simple task, just wipe it with a dry towel.

Final Thoughts

This versatile storage and transportation system offers masses of storage space, whilst keeping everything compact and very tidy. It is ideally suited for barrow use as well as being carried around on short walks. This system fits into the boot of any car perfectly, taking up very little space, whilst keeping everything nice and tidy.

Wychwood Flatstack System Starter Pack

The Wychwood Flatstack System Starter Pack is well made and a very versatile option to consider when you’re on the lookout for a cost affective luggage upgrade. You can pick a set up from most leading Wychwood stockists and you should expect to pay £39.99 for the starter Pack.

Foot Note – You can buy additional Flatstack system units for £19.99 each, so you can expand the system to whatever size you require.


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