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With the summer well and truly in full swing, with the commercial fisheries producing big weights every week and with the start of the river season just around the corner, anglers up and down the country are on the lookout for something new to get their target species on the feed. One of the most popular feed options used by all match carp and specialist anglers has to be pellets. These machine extruded feed options are available in a magnitude of colours and flavours from numerous manufacturers but finding something totally different and productive can be a mission in itself. To hopefully make your quest a much easier task, the UKMA team have taken a good look at the new for 2014 KRILL PELLETS from Suffolk based Bait-Tech, read on to find out what they have to offer your individual angling requirements.


 These new pellets from BAIT-TECH have been formulated to offer a food source that offers nutritional value by utilising quality ingredients to create a complete amino profile, that is proven to instigate aggressive feeding. These dark red in colour KRILL flavoured pellets also contains high levels of proteins and add to the mix a controlled oil content that produces a  huge amount of flavour release and a breakdown rate that ensures the feeding fish can easily identify it as an instantly attractive food source. BAIT-TECH have release both feed and hookbait options in the range, with six sizes available (3 feed options & 3 hookbait options) to form a perfectly balanced feed and hookbaitombination. 



Solid Feed Krill Pellets 

There are three size options available in the KRILL PELLET range that are perfect feed options for the majority of angling situations, both on commercial and natural venues alike. You have 2mm, 4mm and 6mm options available in the range and these are all suited for all standard feeder, pole and PVA presentations, offering a flavoursome and visually attractive feed. You can use them straight from the bag as all pellets sink perfectly but when soaked they will release a flavour trail much quicker into your swim, which comes in handy particularly in cold water conditions. All sizes are perfectly formed making them ideal for use with a catapult or feeding by hand. 



Pre-drilled hookbaits 

These pre-drilled options feature three sizes and  have been designed to work perfectly in conjunction with the aforementioned solid feed KRILL PELLET options in the smaller sizes. you can choose from 8mm, 14mm or 18mm options so no matter how large the species of fish you are targeting, there is a size to suit all situations. They can be presented straight on the hair, banded or lassoed, to offer a presentation that suits your individual tactics. These larger options will definitely find favour amongst the big river barbel, chub and bream hunter as well as the commercial fishery brigades in search of big fish on the pellet waggler, straight lead or method feeder tactics.




First Impressions 

The new for 2014 KRILL PELLETS from BAIT-TECH are perfect for numerous fishing situations including PVA bags, Soaked and moulded round a method feeder, fed loose, as hookbaits, as part of a spod mix, as a particle in groundbait mixes, you name it and you'll find a use for them in your angling. They are designed to attract pretty much all species of freshwater species but they will truly come into their element when targeting big carp, barbel, bream and tench. All sizes are sold in 900g bags and the 2mm, 4mm and 6mm sizes sell for £4.49 per bag and the 8mm, 14mm and 18mm pre-drilled options sell for £4.99 per bag and all options are now available from your local BAIT-TECH stockist.



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