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Hemp Protein Powder


With the price of all particle and ingredients used in boillie and bait manufacturing currently going through the roof, alternative products are constantly being sourced by manufacturers that can offer the same levels of attraction as previously used materials yet keep the production costs on an affordable level for the angler. One product to hit the health food market last year has already started to create huge interest in the bait industries development rooms up and down the country, now the secret is out for all to consider.



What is Hemp Protein Powder?

Hemp Protein Powder is a unique product that is processed from hemp expeller, which is basically the leftover residue created when hemp oil is extracted from hemp seed under intense pressure. Once processed you have a fine powder that is soluble, low in fats, it has a high omega content and it is totally pesticide free, making hemp protein powder both fish and environment friendly. All these attributes have labelled hemp protein powder as a Perfect option to fish meals when lower levels of digestible fats and high protein content are required.

Hemp protein powder has a sweet, nutty aroma and like any high grade hemp product it has a naturally deep seedy taste which is the hallmark characteristic that make hemp seed such a proven attractor for all species of fish. I was fortunate enough to get my hands on some samples of the hemp protein powder in the early development stages and have been experimenting with this powdered additive for some time now, having had great results when adding it to my cloud and particle spod mixes. I also found it to be a great booster for all groundbaits including method and stick mixes.

We Spoke Henry Braham one of the leading authorities in Europe on hemp and its bye-products. He explained “hemp protein powder was first developed and sold in North America and Canada. It was originally designed for the health and fitness food industry where a huge demand was created for the product. Due to our links with the fishing bait industry in the United Kingdom, we soon discovered through trial and error the potentials of hemp protein powder as an alternative additive suitable for fishing bait requirements”

The Technical Breakdown of Hemp Protein Powder

Calorific Value (Energy)...................353 k cal per 100g
…………………………………….... 1479 k J per 100g
Protein content …………..................47.34 %
Fat Content……………………….....10.92 %
Ash content ……………………….... 9.23 %
Moisture content …………………...10.88 %
Total Carbohydrate content………..15.37 %
Fibre content ……………………...... 6.26 %

How can I use Hemp Protein Powder in my everyday fishing?

For the coarse and match angler we recommend that you add between 25 and 50gms of hemp protein powder per kg of groundbait or pellets. Add the protein powder to your chosen liquid or water before mixing to achieve an even distribution of additive throughout the mix. Another top tip is add 1 table spoon full of hemp protein powder to a large tin of sweetcorn and shake vigorously, this has caught me numerous fish in cold water situations of all species.

A top tip for the specialist and specimen anglers, hemp protein powder makes a superb hookbait coating. Simply glug your hook baits for several hours and then coat it in Hemp Protein Powder and allow it to dry for 12 hours before use. This treatment is perfect for boillies, Pellets, Corn and Luncheon meat and will increase your hook baits pulling power dramatically. You should also consider the potentials of using the hemp protein powder as an additive in your boillie and paste base mixes.


Final Thoughts

CC Moore have recognised the true potential of  hemp protein powder and are the first bait company in the United Kingdom to supply it as a raw material to the angling fraternities. It has numerous uses and potentially and could be the first all season additive that offers the full pulling power of hemp seed without the oils and fats that restrict the use of the natural seed in cold water conditions. CC Moore now supply the hemp protein powder in three practical sizes, 50g pots for £3.99, 250g bags for £5.99 and 1kg packs that sell for £11.99.

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