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Anyone who has experience in what is now the mind blowing world of carp and specialist baits will tell you that one of the most productive particle and flavour options used in bait and feed production has to be tiger nut. This nut is incredibly attractive to big fish and when used as a  food and flavour source its reputation for catching monsters speaks for itself. Taking this on board, North Dorset based CC MOORE & Co Ltd have over many months, spent time doing research and product testing to come up with three new twists on this highly respected big fish food source. The HI-VIZ  TIGERS are the latest additions to CC MOORE'S Intense Cooked Particle range and they offer you the angler three totally unique flavour and colour options that are designed to catch and land, even the most cautious of big carp.



These innovative  twist on the natural tiger nuts are available in three different colour and flavour options, these are;, Yellow ‘Pineapple Tigers’, Orange ‘Tutti Tigers’ and White ‘Creamed Tigers’ Each 500ml jar contains perfectly cooked, premium quality Tiger Nuts, boosted with carefully selected food colorant and a powerful amino-rich enhancing liquid formula to create a genuinely new product that combines the phenomenal natural attraction of Tiger Nuts with the potent taste, aroma and hi-viz visual attraction, that will make them a huge favourite amongst big carp anglers, who are looking for a hookbait bait that will give them an edge and suitable for use in all seasons. Each tub of HI-VIZ TIGERS costs £6.99 but CC MOORE are offering an excellent bulk deal at the moment to save you a few quid.


Bulk Deal

3 x 500ml jars normal price of £20.97 but CC MOORE are offering a the HI-VIZ TIGERS at the reduced special offer price of £17.99 which is superb value for money and will save you just under three quid.

IMPORTANT INFORMATION WHEN USING TIGER NUTS, - If you don't know how to prepare tiger nuts perfectly, the UKMA team highly recommend that you should always use a pre-cooked option from a reliable and well established brand. Using tiger nuts that have not been cooked perfectly could endanger the welfare of fish if digested, leading to death of the fish in extreme case. so don't take any chances and only use good quality, well prepared tiger nuts! Tiger Nut is a bait that should be used in moderation and should not be fed in the same quantities as you would a boilie, by following these basic rules and you will have no problems at all when using these proven big carp attracting baits.


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