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Alan Giles and the team at Kent Particles, have had a deserved reputation for top quality baits and particles, with numerous big named brands trusting them to roll their baits, making them in many cases one a very small list of authorised dealers. Having used many of their products over the years, the UKMA team can without question let you know that you simply can't tell the difference between the manufacturers own products and the ones they roll, based on performance and catches when being used side by side with the manufacturers own. Being in the position to compare the performance in this way, gives you the UKMA readers an opportunity to use a product confidently, that has actually been tested by anglers like yourselves, who will only endorse a products that we know actually work perfectly alongside the manufacturers very own options from any given range. With this in mind, we headed out to the St.Ives lakes complex to have a play with a few of the new for 2014 Hybrid Hookbait Options that have been released by this very successful company, here's our first look.


Hybrid Glugged Hookbaits



These exceptionally hard pre-glugged hookbaits are absolutely covered in Mainline Baits Hybrid Liquid to give them an instant flavour release. There are two options in the Kent Particles range of Hybrid Glugged Hookbaits which are 14mm and 18mm sizes, giving you a hookbait that is ideally suited to the long session angler who may have to leave his baited rig out for up to 48 hours, when targeting big illusive fish. After having an 18mm option attached to our rig, out on the spot for nearly 30 hours before we had a take, we can assure you that after retrieving the rig through heavy weed, with a 13lbs plus bream attached, the boillie returned intact (very impressed).

They sell for £4.99 per tub and have an exceptionable shelf life, being air dried for several days before the glug has been added.


Hybrid Cork Ball Pop Ups



There are three colour options available in the Kent Particles Hybrid Cork Ball Pop Up range that all carry the distinctive Hybrid aroma. You have a choice of Natural (standard Hybrid colour), washed out pink and white to choose from, to give visual attraction and buoyancy to your hookbait presentation.

These exceptionally buoyant pop ups are available in either 12mm and 15mm sizes and sell for £12.99 per pot. Yet again, if you plan on leaving a rig out in the water for up to 48 hours, then these bad boys are definitely the option to consider when long sessions are the way forward.

Foot Note - Both of the above hookbait options are available now from the Kent Particles website, to view simply click on the link below for full details and further product information.



For further information on the range of Kent Particles products, please click the image below.

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