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Pukka Baits may not be a household name when you talk to most anglers about bait companies, but here at UKMA, we are sure that they will be in the very near future.

Kev Reynolds has been making baits for a number of years now, but has witheld releasing them for sale until they are perfeclty balanced and perfect for use in all seasons.

Kev has recently come to the angling world spotlight after absolutely blitzing the BCAC Champion of Champions match in August 2009 at Barston Lakes, by putting together a staggering 1204lb of Carp in the 48 hour match with his partner in the match, Andy Maker, with Kev putting the vast majority of the total weight on the bank using his baits.


The Baits

Rather than release a shed load of baits, Kev has spent his time researching and fine tuning a small selection that any angler would be more than happy with using - both short term and long term. All of the baits in the range have been formulated to work from day one and continue to work, rather than be instant and blow over a short period of time.

The range of baits are as follows:



"The Bite"

"The Bite" is an all year round bait that has been formulated using the finest birdfoods, milk & vegetable proteins, milk powders with a combination of proven amino acids and appetite stimulators. "The Bite" has a flavour label that can only be described as being of a milky caramel which fits in well with the orange colouration that the bait has. Flavour levels are subtle but noticable both in smell and taste.








"Kryptonite" is another bait that can be used all year round with supreme confidence. Similar to "The Bite" with regards to ingredients but has a different amino acid profile with additional feed inducers, this bait has a superb food profile that the fish will eat time & time again. The flavour label of "Kryptonite" is of something that most other manufacturers have shyed away from using in a ready prepared bait, and that is blackcurrant. Combined with the uncommon green colour of the bait, "Kryptonite" really stands out from the crowd. Needless to say, one of the UKMA team has already stated that he is going to be using this bait exclusively on a water that he is targetting where the owner says "the fish have seen everything before". This is the main bait that Kev used in the aforementioned BCAC Champion of Champions match.






"Insomnia" is best described as a "classic" bait. Designed for all year round usage, with a blend of birdfoods, milk powders, vegetable proteins, added vitamins and minerals all tied up in a balanced and advanced amino acid profile. The flavour profile of "Insomnia" is the classic strawberry but with the additional flavour of clotted cream, but not at the levels that most strawberry flavoured baits are released at. The slightly different flavour profile could be the answer to cracking the waters that see a lot of strawberry baits.







"Dominator" is one of the two fishmeal based baits that Pukka Baits produce. Made from a blend of fine fishmeals, milk powders, vegetable powders, vitamins and minerals, all rounded off with a balanced amino acid and stimulant profile. The flavour profile used for the "Dominator" is the strange combination of squid and cream. The venues where the "Dominator" has been used have all responded well to the bait and shown no signs of 'blowing'.







"Terminator" is the final fishmeal based bait, and is also made from a blend of fine fishmeals, vitamins with a blend of amino acids and feed stimulants. This bait has a low level combination of reknowned fish catching flavours of belachan and mussel. Not the most pleasant smelling of baits, but looking at the bait, you know that it is going to be a winner.






All of the baits are available in sizes 14mm through to 24mm and are rolled to order, meaning that all baits ordered are as fresh as possible with same day despatch on day of rolling.

To compliment the range of baits, Kev Reynolds has also put together complimenting paste, pop-ups that are super bouyant, glugs which are not over powering in smell but concentrate on stimulating the fish to feed through a complex blend of amino acids and feed inducing stimulants, and finally a matching stick/method mix to work in conjunction with the chosen baits in the range.




UKMA Final Thoughts

From what we have seen from Pukka Baits at UKMA, we cannot find fault with anything. Kev really has his head screwed on when it comes to bait manufacture and putting a high quality food bait together from scratch. We are looking forward to really putting the baits through strenuous testing on chosen waters that a lot of anglers struggle on due to the fish being shy.

If you haven't yet tried Pukka Baits, you have nothing to lose in buying several kilos of the bait that takes your fancy and seeing if it does what you want it to.


To discover more about Pukka Bats and their products, please click the image below to visit the company website.


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