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Chub Vizor One Man Bivvy & Vizor Extreme Canopy

RRP £329.99 (Bivvy) / £219.99 (Extreme Canopy)

Part Two


Chub have been producing bivvy's and shelters for several years and are now one of the first choices for the angler that wants form and function at a price that is not going to cause bankruptcy. With the Cyfish and S-Plus ranges of bivvy's being well known within the angling community and also being popular, when we noticed that Chub were pushing out the boat and launching a bivvy system that utilises all of the major design principles and developments within bivvy manufacturing, we were straight on the phone to Chub. Within a short time, the Vizor one man bivvy and extreme canopy were sitting in the UKMA office awaiting to be taken out on the bank. Part One of this review can be found HERE.



Part Two - Spring

Moving from the severe winter that we experienced in the UK, to Spring was more of a transition than usual. The weather warmed up significantly and much quicker than usual. The angler hates nothing more than having to mess around when the weather changes quickly at this time of the year. Spring usually means rain in the UK, but this year, rainfall has been lower than usual but the risk still remains.The Chub Vizor bivvy has been designed to be able to cope with weather changes quickly as they happen With the variety of front combinations that the bivvy incorporates the angler can choose exactly what they require to protect themselves from the elements as well as to keep a good view of the water in front of them. During the Spring, the conditions usually dictate that the front panel is still used but with the door and side windows being open. The side windows are fitted with a mosquito mesh that permits good vision from inside the bivvy as well as keeping out light rain. Should heavy rain be experienced, clear plastic windows, which are supplied, can be fitted in seconds to the velcro surrounding the mesh to keep the rain out. A lot of anglers though will prefer to use the shelter in a way so that the whole front is open on the bivvy. This is easily done with the front panel left attached to the shelter so if rain does come out of the blue, the sides can be pegged back down again to keep the internal of the shelter dry. To roll the front up it is an easy process of rolling the door up and fastening in place under the baffle before unpegging the sides and rolling them back. The sides are kept in place when rolled up with the use of two clip buckles on each side. Should rain or cold wind come from the front, one of both panels can be unclipped and pegged back down in seconds. The bivvy still retains its full rigidity and shape thanks to the full frame support systems that is also included in the package.

As the temperatures warm up, the use of the Extreme Canopy is not required, even with clear night time sky's causing the temperatures to drop well below what has been experienced during the day. With the air temperatures slightly above low single figures at night, the main compartment of the Vizor remains warm and dry due to the shelter's shape and the Climatexx material. The use of the groundsheet is recommended to stop cold air coming into the bivvy from under the sides of the shelter as well as to keep the damp air that is found at dawn coming up and causing dampness.



Spring Conclusion

The Chub Vizor has been out on the bank this spring, numerous times now and each session has been comfortable. The protection offered is amongst the best that we have experienced and none of the items kept inside the bivvy during the session have become wet or damp from the elements. Night time comfort has also been superb as at this time of year, it usually means that the winter sleeping bag is still in use, but during sessions with the Vizor this spring, I have not needed the winter layers and been using my normal summer configuration. I have tried the same configuration with other bivvy's in the same conditions and needed to add the winter layers to the bag to remain warm. I can only conclude that the groundsheet is helping a lot with keeping the cold damp air out of the shelter.

With Summer fast approaching, I cannot wait to spend time on the bank in the Vizor and put the other features to the test.


For more information about the Chub product range, please visit the company's website by clicking the image below.


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