Prologic Inflatable Carp Cradle


Fish welfare has progressed in leaps and bounds over the last few years with unhooking mats now forming an essential part of any anglers tackle; from the basic piece of foam all the way through to advanced 'carp cradles' which now take a variety of shapes and sizes, anglers can now safely protect the fish they catch.

Prologic have released this inflatable mat/cradle to give a fairly lightweight system which offers excellent protection to specimen sized fish and can be easily transported. The cradle is comprised of three main parts; the inflatable floor, a semi rigid 'corral' and the small foot pump required to inflate it.



With dimensions of 110x62cm, the Prologic system is certainly capable of handling larger fish, and the 21cm sidewall ensures that it would be difficult for any large carp or similar to flip over the side; this means that fish can be securely rested whilst the angler prepares a camera angle nearby or wets the fish prior to return.

So, how does it perform? I found it fairly easy to locate the inflation valve, situated under a velcro flap on the rear of the base mat, attach the inflation hose and start pumping. The pump supplied will do the job, but it may be advisable to purchase something with a little more 'grunt' unless you like squeezing air into the mat for a few minutes; a slightly larger camping design will make things even easier, but be sure it has the same connector! As it was, a couple of minutes and I'd got a very supportive mat with plenty of 'give' to keep my fish safe. I would advise not to inflate the mat fully, but instead leave it semi solid so that it contours itself into the body shape of any fish rested on it; no point having a rock hard mat? Even if not fully filled, the floor panel still offers at least five centimetres of padding.



Once the bottom of the cradle has been filled with air and put to one side, the sidewalls can be secured to each other using the four expansive panels which again fit together with velcro; this provides a solid surround into which the base is then dropped. Once the floor is inside the 'corral', two tabs pass through the walls and can be anchored into the ground using the pegs supplied. Once fitted together and pegged down, the mat remains very stable and will not be affected by wind or uneven ground. An integral kneeling mat is also stitched to one side and can be folded to protect unhooking tools/scales from the elements before being used to protect your knees!



The Prologic mat has a muted design in keeping with today's modern angler, with good quality stitching, subtle logo, and uses durable materials to provide a safe, protective system to help the angler ensure fish welfare. Here at UKMA, we advocate that every angler should carry some form of unhooking mat, so why not try this one?

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