Adjustable Butt Rests


The Solar Tackle Adjustable Butt Rests have been around for a few years now and are becoming a very popular sight on the bank. These versatile sprung stainless steel back rests, have been designed to house all types of rod handles including full cork, Japanese shrink wrap, duplon and abbreviated butt sections. The versatility has been achieved by the clever use of a pair of slotted thumbscrews and 12 stainless steel washers. By undoing the large locking nut on the main thread of the rest, and removing the slotted thumbscrew either side of the uprights, you can add or remove washers to set the gap between the uprights to suit the diameter of the rod butt. So that you can continue to use the adjustable rests should you change your rods, you can store the spare washers on the outside of the uprights so they do not get lost. The sprung steel uprights are covered in a hardwearing but soft touch rubber/plastic which also stops the rods being puled out of them on a savage take as well as protecting the handle of the rod. In the center of the threaded body section is a domed logo of Martin Locke with one of his iconic captures which is a favourite touch amongst anglers on the bank.

The Solar Tackle adjustable butt rests fit and compliment perfectly all rod supports on the market, and especially the Solar Tackle range of banksticks, pods and buzzer bars. The adjustable butt rests sell for £13.99 each and will last you literally a lifetime.


Final Impressions

I have changed my back rests literally hundreds of times over the past couple of decades, and I have been guilty of changing from the Solar adjustable ones to others simply because of cosmetics rather than function. In doing this, I have then changed rods or used different rods for review purposes and had to again change back rests to suit each rod. If I had stuck with the adjustable back rests I bought when they first hit the market, I would saved myself a small fortune and not been left with a bucket full of back rests that I doubt I will use now.

The Solar adjustable back rests are not the cheapest on the market, but you are getting so much versatility and functionality that to purchase seperate back rests to suit the handles on your current and future rods.

As you would expect from Solar Tackle, the workmanship and quality is top grade and will be readily snapped up by the "bank tramps" and "tackle tarts" alike.

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