Sticky Baits Catch Reports 7-11-17

Tue 07 November 17

Sandhurst Stunner for Mark

Nuneaton based rod Mark Sugrue headed down the A40 to Sandhurst to land this stunning 38lbs 4oz commonn, here’s what this very happy angler had to say about this eventful 24 hour session.

At 19:45 i had a very subtle bite, I hit into the fish and for the first couple of minuets the fight was uneventful. Then out of nowhere the fish’s instincts kicked in and it took off like a train, stripping line with ease. After 10 minuets the fish finally tired enough for me to slip the net under. At first glance I knew the fish was going to be a new pb common. It wasn’t until i got the fish in the cradle did I realise how big it was. It completely filled it. With my adrenaline pumping I thought I may have pinched another 40. The scales eventually settled on 38lb 4oz and I had smashed my common pb by 13lb.

Fully scaled lump for Scott

Aylesbury based Scott Boyles spent 36 hours on St Johns, at the impressive Linear Fishery in Oxfordshire to land this stunning 42lbs 8oz beast.

Here’s what Scott had to say about the capture “The day passed with minimal activity and a great deal of rain!

A quick recast of all three rods before nightfall and a sprinkle of bait, it was about time to get some food and get out of the rain.

My girlfriend called shortly after I turned in and we had the usual discussions of whether I was crazy, and what was I doing there in the rain and cold! I laughed and assured her (as usual) it would all be worth it if I caught the big plated!
I like to think that this must have been a good luck omen, as the next morning at 6am I heard a few beeps of my receiver on my left hand rod.

I sat up slipped on my jacket and within seconds the rod was away, after a 20 minute battle in the rain, tense moments and two close evasions of the net. My heart was in my mouth, but shortly after the second near escape I managed to slip the net under what looked like a very large mirror. On closer inspection and upon lifting her out of the water, I discovered I had infact caught the “BIG PLATED!”

after calming myself down, resting her in the floatation sling I zeroed the scales and set about weighing her, she went 42lb 8oz

54 hour session produces Lea Valley stunner

Chingford based painter Andy Ruthven travelled to Lea Valley in search of monsters and his efforts were well rewarded, in the shape of this gorgeous 43lbs 12oz mirror.

He fished at 50 yards to a firm area, with Manilla boilie (frozen) 12mm and 16mm with cloudy liquid for added attraction. He fed whole, half, crumb boilie with cloudy liquid, feeding 3kg over spot on each night.