Bag'em Matchbaits 2010


Bag'em Matchbaits have established an impressive following on the UK match circuit over the past year. With this ever growing brand recognition and a quality range of products to match, the future is looking very bright for the Northamptonshire based company. To establish the brand in 2010, the company have selected a small army of anglers from all over the United Kingdom including Neil Machin and Andy May whose endorsements are doing this growing companies reputation no harm at all.
With this vast array of angling knowledge and experience now at there disposal,  Bag'em Matchbaits range are now in a position to enhance this growing brands spectrum by releasing three new ranges of products including Groundbaits, Hookbaits and liquid Sprays that offer versatility, practicality and great value for money.



The team at Bag'em have taken on board the opinions of their very respected and experienced sponsored anglers to release three totally new products to their already established Pro-Commercial Groundbait range.


Super Skimmer Dark

£3.99 for 900g

This dark in colour low food content groundbait is ideal for all year round angling approached. This offering containing top quality fishmeals and has a noticeable sweat vanilla aroma that makes this an ideal winter or cold water groundbait that will attract and stimulate feeding all species and sizes of fish. This is the perfect choice for those situations on natural or commercial venues where the water is clear or coloured.


Super Skimmer

£3.99 for 900g

Identical in texture and aroma to the Super Skimmer Dark but this time with a much lighter yellow colouration and is Designed, purposely for coloured warm water conditions  This also containing fishmeal and vanilla flavouring but with an additional scattering of red particles for added attraction. When we tested it we found it was an absolute winner when targeting skimmers and small bream.

Commercial Carp

£3.99 for 900g

With its golden brown colour and very strong fishmeal aromas and flavour makes this one the perfect all round feed, suitable for Bream, Tench and all types of Carp on still waters but also worth a look when targeting Chub and barbell on rivers. This versatile mix is an ideal all year round groundbait that is ideal for all feeding  requirements including long distance feeder and method feeder work.


Hook Baits


These latest hook bait offerings from Bag'em have been manufactured to a consistency that makes them very soft yet strong enough to stay on the hook whilst shipping out, which makes them perfect for pole fishing. The Soffits have a high leakage rate that UKMA found induced more fish activity compared to many other options that were of a much harder consistency. The Soffits are available in four flavours and colours which are Yellow Pineapple, Red Reaper, Light Brown Super Natural and Dark Brown Super Marine and sell for £2.99 for a 200ml tub.



Tuffits are a 6mm prepared expander pellet that is designed for those situations when a super tough pellet is required. The hard outer created during the preparation process  encapsulates a small amount of air within the pellet which makes the Tuffits buoyant but once you hook or hair rig them, they then become a slow falling hook bait perfect for waggler or shallow pole fishing. The Tuffits are also available in four flavours and colours, White Chocolate, Dark Brown Super Marine, Red Super Strawberry and Dark Brown Halibut Super Marine and sell for £2.99 for a 150ml tub. 


Flavour Sprays

Boosting your hook bait or feed is a sure way of increasing your catch rate (ask anyone in the know) and these three flavour sprays from Bagem do give you three excellent options.  

Everything from micro fluoro boilies, hook and hard pellets, meat corn and even your method ball or groundbait feeder can be boosted with a single squirt from these quality liquid flavours.

There are three flavours to choose Ripe Strawberry, Creamy Scopex and the pungent fish flavour of Red Aggressor and they sell for £2.999 for a 100ml bottle.



Final Thoughts

Bag'em Matchbaits have got the right formula when it comes to product development. They have put together a product selection for 2010 that all catch fish (I know ‘because I’ve used them) and they have managed it without cutting any corners on quality of materials used in the production.

If you’re struggling using the same old thing, then give these new offerings from Bagem a try, you might just surprise yourself.


For more information on any of the products in the Bag'em Match Baits range, please click the image below.