Bag'em Match Baits Bait Dye's

By Lee Taylor


During the winter Months on our commercials fishing for Carp ..skimmers ect .... it can become more of a waiting game and a cat and mouse game in that you have to trick your fish into feeding and having a go. A lot of fisheries during this cold time of the year often respond to very little or no feed at all , and your almost in the hands of a chuck and chance method  when fishing methods such as the bomb or the waggler. You can come to a position where any freebies going in to try and entice a bite can be the kiss of death

You also find that everyone around you is also doing the same as you on the bank and the normal methods are Bomb and corn , bomb and meat .. single 8mm pellet ect.... you may see the angler catching a fish a chuck on this method off the next peg , but you remain motionless and getting what can you try and do about it.....without feeding and putting the fish right off??



Since being with Bag'em , I now always have in my Armoury of baits the Bagem Flavoured sprays and dyes. There are 3 flavours in the sprays available ...

  • Red Aggressor Spray
  • Scopex Spray
  • Super Strawberry Spray

4 Flavours are also available in the liquid dyes

  • Blk Widow
  • Pineapple
  • Red Aggressor
  • Super Strawberry

The beauty of these spray bottles is you can take them out on the bank with you  and prep your bait up on the bank . So you can go to your peg , with normal coloured meat , corn and pellets .. and if they are not working ,  before you chuck out , a quick spray on your chosen hook bait , and in you go. This will give off a superb smell , and bright coloured bait which may just switch the fish on , and draw them into your peg as its something different to the Norm. Theres no added feed value as its used more as an attractant.

When you find what flavour /colour they want on the day you can then prepare some more hook baits up on the bank and you are ready to start baggin!! Make that small change on the bank in Match conditions can make a huge difference from No fish and a Match winning catch!!



Fishing baits such as corn , meat  , and pellet on the hook , can become an issue when having to cast long distances, and often leave the angler wondering if the hook bait is still on the hook. Greys have now come up with the Prodigy Mini Bait Anchors. These can be simply tied onto a hair or put straight on to the hook through the little eye on the end of the Bait anchor. Its a clear plastic with three barbs , which will pierce your chosen hookbait and keep a tight grip.



You can either trim down the bait anchors to the size of your chosen hook baits or put multiples of baits on the bait anchor as shown on the picture.

The Greys Prodigy Mini  Bait Anchors come in the Greys Klip Lock tubs to keep your  Mini Bait Anchors protected and tidy. These are the perfect tool for the Job combined with  the Bagem bait dyes and flavourings.

Its a case of.... if it’s not happening try and make it happen!!

Give it ago may just surprise yourself of the results!!



For more information on the range from Bag'em Match Baits, please click the image below

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