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There hasn’t been too much to shout about over the past 6 months in the worlds of match and coarse angling. With poor weather conditions and the recession taking a grip on the economy, this has in return greatly reducing our available funds to spend on precious recreational time. But there have been a few products that have popped up over this gloomy period that have made many friends on the bank and built a very favourable reputation for improving catch weights on the numerous venues they have been used on up and down the country.


One of these products is the superb Krill Pellet Fix Binder Powder that has been developed and manufactured by rising stars of the match baits world Bag’em Matchbaits. The very useful product has taken on board the current trend of utilising the very popular Krill flavour and added it to a binding agent. When added to your feed pellets this enables you to flavour and create a bait that will take longer to break down once on the deck, which is perfect on venues where you are targeting a multitude of different areas and require a slower breakdown.



How To Prepare

  1. Take 1/3kg of micro pellets and pour into a bucket or mixing bowl, a standard 2mm micro pellet that are available from all tackle shops is perfect. Then wet your hands with lake water and vigorously run your hands through the pellets until all have a coating of water and leave to soak for 5 minutes.

  2. Now take a single heaped tea spoon full of the Krill Pellet Fix Binder Powder and Sprinkle evenly over the pellets and mix in until all pellets are coated. If you feel you need to add a little more now is the best time to ensure an even coating and flavour consistency.

  3. Now leave for around approximately another 10 minutes for the colour and flavour to fully absorb into the pellets outer and you have perfectly flavoured feed pellet ready for use either in a cage feeder, on a method feeder or in the pole cup.


TOP TIPThe UKMA team have discovered through trial and error that if you prepare your pellets at home twenty four hours before use and freeze them. Once fully defrosted they have proven to out perform pellets that we have prepared on the bank and used the same day. This is purely based on our own findings and you may find that preparing on the day works better for you, this is definitely something worth considering when trying this product.

Final Thoughts

Bag’em Matchbaits have truly come up trumps with this highly productive feed pellet enhancement powder. The Krill Pellet Fix Binder Powder is simple to use and unlike many of the flavoured bait additives on the market we have had a play with over the past couple of years it can definitely give you an edge. With both the UKMA team and Bag’em sponsored anglers now regularly achieved exception results whilst using this product we can now highly recommend the Krill Pellet Fix Binder Powder as a product is well worth having a serious look. Expect to pay around £2.99 per 200ml pot which will last for ages and works out to be great value for money.


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