Bag’em Matchbaits

Super Natural 2mm Krill Moist Feed Pellets


Over the past two years the Moist Feed Pellets from Bag’em Matchbaits have well and truly established a place in the UKMA teams carryalls as an important part of our match feed arsenal. These uniformed 2mm feed pellets are ideal for the method, standard cage feeder work and cupping or balling.

These perfectly prepared feed pellets have already established themselves in the form of the Super natural and Super Green flavours.

So it came as no surprise when we opened the latest box of goodies from the Northamptonshire based company and found that they had now utilised the now en vogue Krill Flavour to boost their very productive range of Moist Feed Pellets.

These brown in colour ooze the Krill flavour and aroma into your swim and if you are still unsure about this top quality flavourings ability to catch fish you really are missing a very good trick.

The Super Natural 2mm Krill Moist Feed Pellets are sold in 700g durable and re-sealable bags, so if you don’t use all your pellets you can put them back in the bag and re-seal it, keeping them fresh for the next session. UKMA recommend that on hot days, you use the Krill Moist Feed Pellets straight from the bag and re-seal the bag after use, this prevent the pellets drying out in the sun and reducing their performance.

They’re now available either from all Bag’em Matchbaits stockist or direct from the Bag’em on-line shop for the very reasonable price of £3.99 per bag.



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