Bag’em Matchbaits
Super Skimmer Winter Dark

The Bag’em Pro-Competition range of groundbaits has built a solid reputation over the past couple of years. With constant input from Neil Machin and several other top anglers from the Bag’em team, they have worked together to produce a range of groundbaits that have made it possible for anglers up and down the country to produce huge match weights of fish from numerous different types of venues. Not resting on their laurels, the team realised that all the groundbaits in the range carried a high level of boilie particles that they believed fish, especially in cold water situations, were becoming pre-occupied on and ignoring the hookbait. A change was definitely needed, introducing the new for 2011 Super Skimmer Winter Dark.

The Super Skimmer Winter Dark still has all the additives and flavourings of the original Skimmer Dark, but its reduced feed content and particle size make it the perfect groundbait choice for all your winter fishing sessions. Its dark colouration was selected because over the years dark groundbaits have proven that fish feed more confidently over a dark groundbait thus proving more productive than conventional lighter coloured groundbaits. When introduced by feeder or a pole cup, this subtle groundbait forms an attractive cloud in clear cold lakes and canals and add to the equation the Super Skimmer Winter Dark sweet aroma and you have a winning formula for most freshwater situations.


Final Thoughts

The Super Skimmer Winter Dark is a very well thought out groundbait and fits into and compliments the Pro-Competition groundbait range perfectly. Although designed specifically for Skimmers, Bream and Roach, the Super Skimmer Winter Dark can also be used to catch F1s, tench, chub and even carp during Autumnal and winter months. UKMA found the Super Skimmer Winter Dark to be a versatile all-rounder groundbait that will catch you fish on those hard winter sessions when you have to scratch for bites. It is supplied in the usual high quality re-sealable bag and should cost you no more than £3.99 per 700g bag.


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