Bag’em Matchbaits
Pineapple Tuffits


As we have previously mentioned Tuffits are a 6mm prepared expander pellet that is designed for those situations when a super tough hook pellet is required. The hard outer created during the preparation process encapsulates a small amount of air within the pellet which makes the Tuffits buoyant but once you hook or hair rig them, they then become a slow falling hook bait perfect for waggler or shallow pole fishing. To further enhance the Tuffits range in 2011, Bag’em have now released these bright yellow, Pure Pineapple flavoured hookbaits to compliment the four flavours and colours that are already available.

These are White Chocolate, light brown Super Natural , Red Super Strawberry and Dark Brown Halibut Super Marine and all are readily available from all Bag’em Matchbaits retail outlets or from the companies very own on-line store and they sell for £2.99 for a 150ml tub.



TOP TIP – Take half of your Tuffits and placing them in an open tub and put this in a corner of your airing cupboard and leave for about a week. This totally dries the Tuffits out and creates a superb pop up bait, that when used in conjunction with your standard Tuffit and presented on a hair rig. This produces a fantastic method or standard feeder presentation that fools cautious fish and on the right day can dramatically increase your catch rate.

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