Bag’em Matchbaits
Machins Margin Mix & XPG Groundbaits

New for 2011


Just arrived in the UKMA office this week are the two latest additions to the superb Bag’em Matchbaits Pro-Competition range of grounbaits for 2011. These well thought out additions to the range now make the brands groundbait range one of the most versatile and comprehensive on the market with over 10 different products now available to cover all commercial and natural fishery match angling situations.

The Machins Margin Mix sole purpose in life is to catch big fish down the edge. The usual high quality ingredients have been used to carry large particles that are designed to hold and keep bigger fish in your swim for longer. The XPG is made from pure ground expander pellet and coloured dark green, making it perfect for all clear water situations when fish will spook or back off of a lighter cloud.

One noticeable change in the new products is the new eco packaging that replaces the original free standing thicker bags. The decision was made to change the packaging for two very admirable reasons. Firstly by reducing the cost on packaging this will enable Bag’em to continue using the high quality ingredients ensuring the continued supply of high spec products to the consumer.

Secondly by listening to the retailers and consumers they have realised that eco packaging is far easier for both parties to store and also takes up far less space on the shelves and in your carry all. The bags can still be re-sealed as before and are still strong enough to stop them bursting open when in transit. Lets face it I personally have never caught a fish on a bright coloured, foil embossed bag, have you??


Foot Note

These latest offerings from Bag’em will be hitting the shelves of your local retail outlet very soon and will sell for a very reasonable £3.99 per kilo. We haven’t had a chance to get out and use them yet but watch this space for our on the bank tests to follow over the coming weeks.


For more information on any of the products in the Bag'em Match Baits range, please click the image below.