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Special 'G' Green Feed Pellets

Finding the right feed pellet for your match fishing is a nightmare these days with virtually every local angling club or commercial fishery open match you fish now boasting at least one claimed bait producer in their ranks. Sifting through the mine fields of human manure that these manufacturers verbally supply us with free of charge, by make claiming that their pellets are better than Arther Nutts own brand but in reality they are the same pellets and are readily available from any granary you’d care to visit. So with all these factors to consider, this makes finding the right feed pellet a daunting task that could potentially mean the difference between success and failure in a match situation.



Just to help you all out a little, I have been playing around with the new Special G Green Feed Pellet from Bait-Tech over the past few months and have had some exceptional results on both short pole and feeder approaches. I have been rightfully informed that the Special G Green Feed Pellet contain the same fishmeal and attractors as the very popular Special G Green ground baits, they also containing high levels of pre-digested fish meals including GPS90 (not sure what this is but it sounds good) Betaine feed stimulants and Spirulina a human grade dietary supplementary feed enhancer (See I do know something). These ingredients have proven themselves over the years as a very successful combination that has an established and proven fish catching history.

Unlike many of the other so called “green feed pellets” available on the market, the Special G Green Feed Pellet have a continuous, even colouration that stays on the pellet and not on your hands. These superb pellets have proven themselves ideal for method feeder, general feeder and pole work. UKMA found that an even 50/50, 1kg mix of 2mm and 3mm Special G Green Feed Pellet needed ¾ of a litre of lake water to create a consistent texture. This formula has proved to be ideal for general pole cup feeding and as a total plus it also produced a method mix with the correct consistency and moisture content to mould a method ball that can be cast vast distances, hold it’s form until it hit the lake bed in 8 feet of water and breakdown in less than 2 minutes every time.

Top Tip We found the 3mm Special G Green Feed Pellet performed slightly better than the 2mm versions when used specifically for method feeder work but by combining the two different sizes evenly, this created an inert or non-active food source suitable for all commercial fishery feeding techniques.

Final Thoughts

Yes!! I know I’m no angling legend but I do know a good feed pellet when I see one, and the Bait-Tech Special G Green Feed Pellets are most definitely that. They absorb moisture consistently and as long as you use the correct amount of water (3/4 litre of water to 1kg of Special G Green Feed Pellet) you will get a perfect feed every time. These little green fish catching machines are available in 2mm and 3mm sizes and are sold in 600g bags, expect to pay around £2.99 for these top quality feed pellets.



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