Bait Zone
Ready To Fish Bloodworm Feed Pellets
& Active Bait Dip Bloodworm Liquid


With Mother Nature finally trying to take control and bring everything back to life, this is the time of year that natural flavourings and additives can truly come into there own and make a huge difference in your catch rate potentials. One part of the natural eco system of any water that fish take advantage of in late winter and early spring simply because it is readily available to all species of fish would arguably have to be Bloodworm. Obviously to use it as a hook and feed bait works out way too expensive for most of us so baits with bloodworm flavouring have started to take the natural products place as part of match, carp and specialist anglers bait armouries.



Not to be left behind in the race for you’re your hard earned cash, Bait Zone have now released a Bloodworm range that includes feed pellets in 2.5mm and 4.5mm sizes. These dark red, PVA friendly feed pellets from Bait Zone release a hazy cloud full of bloodworm aroma that will attract virtually any fish that swims in fresh water. The bloodworm liquid is also PVA friendly and can be added to any ground bait mix as a booster and it is also ideal for adding flavour and colour to sweet corn, luncheon meat and expander pellet, plus it has also found favour when used as a dip or glug for hard pellets and boilies when targeting big fish on both rivers and lakes.



Although these products are designed with the Specimen angler in mind, they have numerous other use potential. The bloodworm pellets wouldn’t look out of place on a match anglers side try and would find plenty of use on commercials fisheries, natural lakes, canals and big rivers when targeting big bream, chub, tench, barbel and carp. They make an ideal feed that can be introduced by either the pole cup, catapult or by balling in. The pellets are ideal for all PVA bag and Stick work and are ready to be used in any standard cage groundbait feeder and by adding a little extra water to the 2.5mm size pellets they then work superbly on a standard match sized method feeder.

First Impressions

The Bait Zone Bloodworm range looks and smells as good as any other bloodworm products we have received in the office. The bloodworm pellets release a subtle attractive cloud and they break down relatively quickly even in cold water conditions. The Active Bait dip is very thick in consistency and oozes attractant and will catch fish I‘m sure. The bloodworm pellets are supplied in lock tight clear plastic bucket which enables you to store and transport them about without any fuss. You get 3 litres of pellet per bucket and both sizes of pellet sell for £10.99. The Active Bait Dip Bloodworm liquid is supplied in a 250ml screw top bottle and you should expect to pay around £8.50 mark for this smelly liquid offering. Keep an eye out for the UKMA field test coming very soon.



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