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Fish Frenzy Range

Nash Baits have seen and taken on board the dramatic increase in commercial day ticket anglers over the past few years and have accordingly developed baits to cater for this style of angling. Kevin, Gary and the team now have a dedicated range of baits specifically designed with these types of venues in mind called “Fish Frenzy”. The Fish Frenzy still has the same basic ingredients and flavours found in Nash specimen products but they are now available in a quantities, size and colours more suited for the short session angler targeting slightly smaller quarry than conventional Nash baits were designed for.

So purely as a guide, the team at UKMA have taken a good look at this very useful range of baits, and put them through the mill to see how they performed in an angling environment. After careful consideration the team have put together our top five products from the range and added a bit of a users guide that will hopefully help you find that new hook bait or feed option that you might have be looking for. So based on how they performed whilst out on the bank and in no particular order, here are the UKMA Top Five products from the Nash Baits Fish Frenzy Range.




Fish Frenzy Squidgee Jelly Pellets 6mm

If you fish the pole or do a lot of short to medium ranged waggler fishing on your local commercials fishery then this is definitely one for you to have a look at. These moist hook baits literally ooze flavour into your swim and UKMA have had great success fishing them on the drop on light rigs on the long pole catching everything from good sized rudd to match sized carp. The Fish Frenzy Squidgee Jelly Pellets are available in Strawberry in red, Chocolate in white, Tutti Frutti in orange, Halibut in yellow, Scopex Squid in Pink and in new Pineapple in Yellow.

These very versatile hook baits will catch bream, tench, carp, barbell and chub from commercial fisheries, I know because I have tried them. The Jelly pellets are designed to be fished straight off the hook but I found them superb when presented just on the deck when fishing on the pole. By feeding standard 4mm carp pellets and alternating between different flavours, I was able to keep a steady run of fish coming to the net. The Fish Frenzy Squidgee Jelly Pellets are sold in 6mm size only and are supplied in 60g square tubs and you should expect to pay around £2.49 per pot.


Fish Frenzy In-Juicers

I have always loved Chocolate flavoured baits in autumn and the In-Juicer Chocolate liquid is one of our first choices from this comprehensive range of flavoured liquids.
The Pineapple and Halibut, we selected simply because they are versatile flavours that have caught fish on both rivers and still waters for our team, and to complete the In-Juicer range you also have Scopex, Carp Pellet and Tutti Frutti flavours. We decided to add the Frenzy In-Juicers to the review based on the product quality and total value for money. At only £2.99 for 250ml, this has to be one of the best value for money liquid enhancers UKMA have come across for a while.

UKMA have already featured the Fish Frenzy In-Juicers in an article we published 9 months ago but we thought they were that good they deserved another mention.

TOP TIP Try using the Chocolate Frenzy on a fruit flavoured boilie or hook pellet like Plum or Cranberry on those exceptionally hard days when nothing is happening or on those days when the fish simply switch off. This bizarre combination has produced instant results on numerous occasions in some truly horrendous conditions. Always consider mixing liquid flavours together to create something slightly different, I have done this on numerous occasions over the years and it has without question has made a huge difference to my catch rate.


Fish Frenzy Neon Squidgee Pellets 6 & 8mm

Unlike a conventional pellet these have been formed with rounded ends which will potentially give you an edge when conventional shaped pellets are not working or fish are feeding cautiously. They can be presented straight on the hook, hair rigged or lassoed and with a little caution they can be used with a pellet band. These tidy hook baits can be hair rigged from top to bottom or side to side.

TOP TIP - When hair rigging the Neon Squidgee Pellets always use the finest bating needle you have, UKMA found a fine clasped baiting needle did the job perfectly.

Both the 6mm and 8mm versions of the Fish Frenzy Neon Squidgee Pellets are sold in six flavours, these are; Strawberry in red, Chocolate in white, Tutti Frutti in orange, Halibut in yellow, Scopex Squid in Pink and in new Pineapple in Yellow as these are the standard flavours in the Fish Frenzy range. Both sizes are sold in 40g re-sealable tubs and sell for a very reasonable £1.99 per tub. If you fish the feeder, Method feeder or pellet waggler at range and your looking for a hook bait alternative, you should really consider giving these a try, they can make a huge difference on hard day.



Fish Frenzy Feed Pellet 3 & 6mm

The Fish Frenzy feed pellets are manufactured for Nash using their own unique recipe’s and are designed to enhance the representation of any given flavour by offering a slow release and potentially attracting more fish into your baited areas. The Fish Frenzy Feed pellets are full of feeding triggers using Nashbait’s own tried and tested attractor systems that have been used and proven to consistently catch fish for well over ten years. Each flavoured feed pellet is in perfect balance with the other products of the same flavour in the range.

These naturally slow sinking feed pellets are designed to attract fish from all different depths of water. Once on the bottom they break down rapidly into soft flakes, creating an attractive cloud in the water that will not over feed the target fish but leave a vast amount of food signals and attractors in the baited area to keep them searching for hours. The Fish Frenzy Feed Pellet is ideal for all PVA bag work, stick and spod mixes and is supplied to you in 900g bags for just £3.99, that’s not much to pay for a very versatile and productive particle feed system.





Fish Frenzy Neon Squidgee Boilies 6mm

These perfectly formed 6mm boilies are the perfect option for all feeder including the method and up in the water presentations including the pole and pellet waggler on commercial fisheries. There are currently six flavours in the range, Strawberry in red, Chocolate in white, Tutti Frutti in orange, Halibut in yellow, Scopex Squid in Pink and in new Pineapple in Yellow. All flavours have a hi viz colouration which makes the Neon Squidgee boilie ideal for use in dark, deep or mercy water situations when brighter colours are proven to attract more bites.

You can buy all flavours in two totally different packaging options. Firstly you have the 40g square tubs with removable lids, these sell for just £1.99 per tub and are ideal for the day session angler’s requirements. For the angler looking to spend a bit more time bank side, Nash have also brought out a 200g bag that will more than meet your needs and these sell for £3.99.

UKMA suggest that if you try a tub in one particular flavour and like it, then buy a 200 gram bag and use it to refill your tub, you’ll save a fortune and this will also mean fresh baits every session, simple.





Final Thoughts

The UKMA team have had a real good look at the Fish Frenzy range and after having a proper look and play with the range we can guarantee that the Fish Frenzy range will most definitely suit the angling requirements of the club, the pleasure, the serious match & the specialist angler whilst still offering an alternative bait option to the specimen anglers when the cold weather arrives.

Nash have made the very bold move to shy away from the status quo and rather than start messing around with what already works, they decision to stick with the tried and tested flavours that have been proven fish catchers for many years. The clever combination of new production processes and established flavouring knowledge has led to a range of products being released that has unlimited fish catching potential.





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