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Powdered attractants are nothing new in the angling world, but with more and more anglers realising that natural attractants made from actual bait sources are becoming more and more popular. Old Ghost have not forgotten about the anglers that want natural attraction within their groundbaits or stick mixes, and have released four of the most effective natural attractors made up of the actual bait that they are named after.



Maggot Meal

Show me a coarse angler that has never used maggots when fishing for general coarse fish, and I will show you a liar! Maggots are arguably the most used bait available to the coarse angler, and contrary to popular belief, if it not the wriggling of the bait that catches the fish (else people wouldn't use dead maggots!). Maggots are made up of essentially water and protein, and once the water has been removed from the bait, you are essentially left with a powder that is extremely high in protein. It is accepted that fish prefer proteins to carbohydrates to maintain health, and fish will eat proteins for longer than carbohydrates when they are essentially separate entities.

The Old Ghost Maggot Meal is made from bacteria-free cultured maggots, which are baked until dry and then ground up into the meal ready to go into the packets. Adding Maggot Meal to groundbaits, hookbaits or stick mixes at a 10% to 50% ratio will seriously boost the potential of the baits. Perfect for the winter months where the fish are not requiring energy from carbohydrates, but require proteins to maintain muscle health, adding maggot meal to live maggots or light groundbaits will enhance your bait over others if lots of maggots are being used.

Even though maggots are high in protein, the Maggot Meal has the lowest protein content of the four additives in 49.82%.

Old Ghost Maggot Meal has a RRP of £6.99 per 350gm resealable bag.

Krill Meal

The "buzz word" of the moment in angling circles, krill is a small crustecean that is found in the oceans that cover the majority of the planet. Natural food of lots of aquatic animals, especially fish, this tiny crustecean has become one of the most popular additives to anglers baits in recent years.

Old Ghost Krill Meal is maufactured in the same way as the Maggot Meal, which maintains the pastel red colour of the krill itself. Only fresh natural krill is used to make up the Krill Meal.

Adding Krill Meal to your groundbaits or stick mixes at ratios between 10% and 20% will enhance your bait. One very popular method of getting the attraction in to the water is to lightly coat your chosen baits in krill liquid, then cover them in krill meal before allowing to dry. This then gives the bait a coating of the krill meal which quickly breaks down in the water sending out the attraction signals, but leaving your hookbait in the center of it.

The Krill Meal has a protein content value of 50.96%

Old Ghost Krill Meal has a RRP of £6.99 per 350gm resealable bag.

Silkworm Chrysalis Meal

As the name suggests, this attractant is made up of baked and ground up Silkworm Chrysalis, which may not be a well known fish attractant in the UK, but has been used on the Continent and in the Far East for many years now with great success.

The natural brown colouration means that it is suitable to be added to almost any mix without changing the colouration, but greatly improving the attraction that this additive gives out. Silkworm Chrysalis Meal can be used in the same way that the Krill Meal can be which will give you a unique attractor profile in to the swim. Usage of Sikworm Chrysalis Meal should be between 10% and 20% for best effect, but as it is totally natural, it cannot be over done.

Silkworm Chrysalis Meal is high in protein with a level of 51.61%.

Old Ghost Silkworm Chrysalis Meal has a RRP of £4.99 per 350gm resealable bag.

Protein Binding Agent

One of the oldest problems that anglers have experienced is keeping soft paste baits on the hook long enough for fish to pick them up - especially on waters where your pole rig may be moved about a while before an actual bite occurs - and there has been several products released to counter this problem. The Old Ghost Protein Binding Agent has been developed from natural plant proteins which are completely edible.

Protein Binding Agent can be added to pastes or groundbaits to keep them together for longer in the water, but still allows the bait to "fluff up" so it is easier for the fish to suck in, as well as to allow the hook to pull through it when required. It is also a very handy product to have to create balls of groundbait when faced with deep water to get them down to the bottom in one piece. When using the Protein Binding Agent, it is essential that it is mixed with the dry ingredients thoroughly before water is added.

To make a soft paste that stays on the hook, it is best to mix 50/50 with a groundbait before adding water to it. This allows you to match your loose groundbait to your hookbait.

As the name suggests, the Protein Binding Agent has a very high protein content of >74%!

Old Ghost Protein Binding Agent has a RRP of £6.99 per 400gm resealable bag.


First Impressions

Of the four attractants, there will be at least one that all anglers can find a use for in their bait armoury, and not just in the colder months that are coming in. The Maggot, Krill and Silkworm meals can be used all year round, with the Protein Binding Agent working at its very best during the warmer water conditions.

Give them a try and once you have come up with the right ratio that is required on the given waters that you are fishing.



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