First Impressions


New Kids on the bait block Old GHOST have made a huge impact in their first few months on the UK retail market with the release of a comprehensive range of bait products to cater to the needs of match specialist and specimen anglers alike. One of the products from the Chinese Bait manufacturer’s range that has proven to be very successful both for the retailer and angler alike over the past couple of months is the new for 2013 KEEP FRESH HOOKBAIT SAUSAGES. The UKMA team have had an in depth look at these totally original and versatile hookbait alternatives, read on to find out exactly what they are all about and there numerous potential uses to anglers from all genre of the sport.



First Impressions

The KEEP FRESH HOOKBAIT SAUSAGES offer a totally unique texture that is of a slightly softer texture to other meat products used in angling like luncheon meat and polony. It is basically a medium to stiff meat paste texture that has enough durability for casting on a method feeder or lead rig meaning it can be used in many various presentation formats. You can hair rig it, mould it around a paste stop, punch it, cut it or tear it, the choice is yours. Another option for the river barbel and chub specialist anglers is when using gripper leads with hollow centres, fill the centre with HOOKBAIT SAUSAGES and squeeze it in like a paste to release a flavour trail over your hookbaits in fast flowing waters.

In each pack of the OLD GHOST KEEP FRESH HOOKBAIT SAUSAGES you get five 40g sausages or 200g per pack) individually wrapped to keep them totally fresh at all times. There are currently four flavour options to choose from in the range. First option is the Snail Sausages these offers a traditional colour of grey/brown with a very earthy snail aroma which has now become a very successful fish attractor for all natural and commercial fishery species. The second option is the Squid Sausages that are a very pungent hookbait and is a dark brown in colour and easy for the fish to find in all water conditions and a proven attractor of carp on all waters, particularly popular flavour on big commercial fisheries with loads of colour.



The Third option is the Sweetcorn Sausages, this option features very strong scent of sweetcorn and honey that is ideal for most commercial fishery species ( what haven’t you caught on corn/) It is a bright yellow in colour and rammed full of amino acids making this hookbait a very clever sweetcorn alternative on hard fished  venues. The final flavour in the range is the Bloodworm Sausages, these feature a deep red colouration and are packed full of real bloodworm releasing an instant aroma that all species are renowned to becoming pre-occupied on when other baits are being ignored particularly on natural venues. WARNING! All four flavours absolutely stink so don’t open them in the house as I did as the wife was un-impressed to say the least!!

TOP TIPS - UKMA highly recommend that you should always put your baiting needle through the hard sides of the HOOKBAIT SAUSAGES to ensure durability for casting at range on the method feeder, feeder rigs, straight lead and waggler or stick float presentations. You should also consider when fishing fast flowing, deep water that the consistency is slightly softer than standard meat, so pre-punch your hookbaits and let them air dry in advance to create a hard skin for added durability.
(there will be a new version of the HOOKBAIT SAUSAGE coming out in the near future with a pre-formed hard outer skin specifically for these hard flowing, deep water situations, watch this space for future review)  



Final Thoughts

Chinese bait giants OLD GHOST have come up with a cost affective solution to meat, whilst offering something totally different to anything else on the market at present. There is a flavour in the range to excite most angler’s requirements and with England match maestro Will Raison already taking gold valley apart with these well thought out meat alternative, you know they must have something special. You can buy the KEEP FRESH HOOKBAIT SAUSAGES from all OLD GHOST stockists for the very reasonable price of £4.50 per pack of five.

Foot Note -The UKMA team will be taking these out on the bank next week for a field test to see how they perform for on a productive commercial fishery, so until then watch this space.



For information on Old Ghost and their range, please click the image below.


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