Special Bream Groundbait

First Impressions


When a new company brings out a range of baits in the UK, anglers sit up and take a look - especially if it comes from the Continent. With groundbaits over the years coming in to the UK from Europe from companies such as Van den Eynde, Sensas, Geers and others, and all proving themselves to be very good fish attractors and being successful to the extent of almost becoming household names.

Willy Worms have been over to the continent and joined up with Polish bait company, Starfish, to distribute their range of groundbaits and other baits in the UK.

A lot of anglers in the UK will not have heard of Starfish, but on doing a little bit of research online, they have been proven to produce baits that do catch fish and lots of them.

When Willy Worms sent UKMA a box of bait to take a look at, we had to get stuck right in. The first is the Special Bream Groundbait.

The Special Bream groundbait has been developed to keep a shoal of Bream in the swim for as long as possible without overfeeding the fish. The orange/brown colouration of the groundbait reminds me of a slightly darker Bream groundbait from a different manufacturer that has been associated with 100lb+ catches all over Europe, but the aroma that comes from the bag is something special indeed! The sweet aroma reminds me of a bag of sweets being opened for the first time, and is extremely angler & wife friendly. I have smelled something similar before to it from a Belgian bait company that was not sold in the UK and was an additive which proved extremely good, but I struggled to obtain it after losing contact with the friend who sent it over. This additive proved to be the difference between catching fish on a hard day and a blank. The Special Bream groundbait also includes peanut flaour, oil seeds and exotic pastries which alone are reknowned Bream catchers and the combination of them makes this groundbait an almost instant success.


First Impressions

The Starfish Special Bream groundbait mixes up nicely and fluffy. It binds well and will be a great carrier of live food such as maggots into deep water without breaking up too soon. Mixing the groundbait with a little brown crumb or fishmeal would turn this mix into a perfect feeder combination. Starfish recommend that the mix is wetted at least an hour before use to ensure that the pastries included into the bait has time to soften up. If you do riddle the groundbait, it is advised to use as wide of a mesh as possible and to push any lumps through and to add the larger food particles back into the mix to keep the larger Bream in the swim.

The Special Bream groundbait is available direct from Willy Worms in either 1kg (£3.29 RRP) or 3kg (£6.89 RRP) bags.


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