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Over the coming months, members of the Bag’em Matchbaits team will be passing on tips and information on how to approach numerous different venues all over the country. They will let you know what tackle, baits and tactics produce the goods and how they got the best out of there peg on the day. This will become a unique guide into how to approach numerous venues from some of the company’s top rods including Neil Machin, Amer Jawad, Dale Calvert and many more. So if you are visiting a venue for the first time, keep coming back to the ‘In Session’ feature, you never know you might just learn something that will make a huge difference next time you’re out on the bank.

Anglers name

Amer Jawad


Bag 'em Matchbaits & Daiwa


Chestnut Pool, Biggleswade


Peg 2


Daiwa Air, Daiwa White Hydrolastic, Reflo 0.11mm, 0.13mm & 0.17mm, Tubertini 808 sz16 & 175 sz5, Mick Wilkinson F1 slims on my short rigs. Size 4x12 & 4x14.

Bag'em Super Green ground bait/Luncheon meat and corn


The Session

A sell out match today so a good peg was needed. I drew peg 2, this is a peg I know very well as I have already won off it twice this summer, so with a nice short walk I starting setting up in the hope of third time lucky!



I decided on three lines, 5m and 13m in the open water in front of me and a carp line at 7m towards an overhanging tree to my left. I fed meat and corn out of a pot at 13m and fed the shorter 5m line by hand steadily throughout the day. I noticed some good size bream rolling in the pegs to my right and the anglers catching from the off on those pegs, for me a very slow start but getting use to this now... I could only catch small skimmers and no bream, these averaged about 6oz so I just fished through them and had around 150 of them on both long and short lines. I had a few quick looks down to my left hand margin but no bites there. I needed snookers! I could also see Andy Leathers who had drawn end peg 24 catching very well.

Final hour...

Coming into the final hour I decided to really up my feed to my left hand margin, I knew I had around 50lb of small skimmers which just wouldn't be enough to frame so a quick look straight away once the feed settled was my plan as this can attract fish with the noise. Bingo! The float flew under with my Black Daiwa Hydro elastic poring out into the open water, a 5lb Common was netted and I couldn't wait to get back out again. I didn't feed again after the fish as I knew I had fed enough bait prior to catching. The float never moved so I lifted it a couple of times and it shot under, after 5 minutes the first of three 10lb Mirror carp came into the net and the whistle blew. I knew I had pulled a good result out of the hat with a late, late show.

The scales arrived and Andy Leathers had weighed in a fantastic 114lb, the next best weight was Steve Tyler with 93lb and my weight of skimmers went 60lb. The 4 carp weighed 35lb and I had done enough for second in the match.

I got out of jail today with the big fish and not usually an approach for me here but my hand was forced a bit.


  1. Andy Leathers (Browning Hotrods)114lb peg 24
  2. Amer Jawad (Daiwa/Bag'em) 95lb peg 2
  3. Steve Tyler (Popletts) 93lb peg 30
  4. Dave Whitt (Oakwood Angling) 86lb peg 4
  5. Andy George (Oakwood Angling) 78lb peg 18

22 fished.



Top tip: Feeding large amounts of bait in the margin certainly worked today, but timing the feeding was key. Not feeding straight away after catching a fish was important as I could have easily spooked the other fish. Always worth a quick look before feeding, this also reduces line bites.

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