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Dale Calvert


Over the coming months, Dale Calvert will be passing on tips and information on how he approaches numerous venues. Dale has an envious reputation in the North West on a number of match venues. Find out how a top match angler approaches each match he enters.

Anglers name

Dale Calvert


Bag 'em Matchbaits & Middy


German Lane


Match Lake, Peg 8


XK55 at 14.5m. 4x10 Middy Carp Grey Series 3. Lo-Viz 0.12 mainline 0.10 hooklength to a Middy 63-13 size 16. Hi-Viz 6-10 Hollow elastic.

Bag ‘em Matchbaits Super Natural Moist Feeder Pellets dusted with Super Spicy Meat & Maggot Dye. Bag ‘em Red Reaper Soffits hookbait


The Session

Cold Start this morning. -2 overnight and apparently going to hit 8 or 9 later. With this thick cloud it’s hard to imagine but fingers crossed. Wind coming across from my right as I stand and look at my chosen peg, it sends a chill through me so I head back to my van and don my woolly hat.

Today is a practise session for a magazine feature planned for tomorrow so I aim to fine tune my feeding and rigs today ready for some low maintenance fishing tomorrow.

Setting up my gear I opt for 5 swims today. 10, 11, 12, 1 and 2 o’clock lines along the far bank. Basically dobbing but with pellets. I aim to feed these “ready wetted” spicy micros in a line sparingly about a foot away from the stickups. This will lay a nice line of feed over an area that I can pick several fish out of…hopefully.

Plumbing up here can be tricky. Very uneven on the deck. I would aim to use just one rig but it’s going to have to be two. The left 3 are at about 2 feet and the right 2 swims are 20”. Traditional dobbing on all lines is now out of the window as I will have to swap rigs at times. The rigs are pretty light today being 0.12 and 0.10 next to stickups but with the water still cold I’m positive it will increase my chances of more bites.

Firstly I ship out without I rig on a few times sprinkling the micros in a line as I intended. Then I opt for a dark pellet in shallow water so I hook 2 Soffits and ship back out and start off by dobbing my left lines. The bristle settles real nice on these floats. I really like fishing these in all conditions, especially on windyish days like today where it can go gusty and calm often. I lift and drop several times over the 3 lines and in on the 11 o’clock line the float settles then it’s under nicely. This fish swims directly away from the stickups and its being landed before it knows what happens. A 3lbs mirror to start. This peg can be tricky shipping in and out as there is a little ditch behind with a barbed wire fence. Fishing 2 rollers today and I have my bags on both of them in case the wind picks up. I ship back out and drop back in on the 11 o’clock line. 2 minutes later. Nothing, so I lift up and drop in on the 10. This time the bristle settles and it’s off. Fighting hard the 2lbs F1 is landed followed by another 3 of the same stamp. Then I hook into something big and the fish has headed straight into the bushes and I’m smashed up.


With this the left lines have dried up now and all I can think is that they have pushed over to the right. With this in mind I get my 20” deep rig and stick to my guns by hooking 2 soffits and ship out and drop in on the 2 o’clock line. I lay my rig in sideways against the tow as the wind is picking up a little and before the bristle settles the soft 6-10 elastic is rocketing out of the pole tip and veering left. About 25 feet of elastic is a lot of elastic when you’re only fishing on 0.10mm bottom. Having faith in my hooklength I bury the pole tip under the water and hold on. My mate is looking over and comments on the fight and I just reply with a simple grin. This is a cracking fight. Could it be foul hooked! Then the fish turns and I feel that it isn’t and I’m happy now as it is coming at me but still isn’t showing itself. By a few simple pumps of the top kit upward the mirror comes up and is landed. Phew! I weight this one straight away before putting in the keepnet. 12lbs 4oz. what a lovely fish. They really do like these Bag ‘em Red Reaper Soffits.

I ship back out and fish the same line for 8 more immaculate mirrors and a small ghostie. Then all lines dry up and all I can do is pick odd fish out by the time I call it a day. Turned out nice too weather wise.

The purpose of the day was to get some rigs made up and have a go at fishing a technique where loose feed is spread out thinly along area of about 12 feet. And of course, get ready for tomorrow.

60lbs today all because I stuck to my plan and didn’t deviate by chucking in all sorts of bait.

Dale Calvert is sponsored by Bag'em Matchbaits and Middy Tackle

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