Fish ‘n’ Tips


Here we have it, after months of speculation the latest glossy for the angling fraternities has finally made its way to the shelves. Fish ‘n’ Tips is definitely designed to target the lads who like their fishing and the ladies.

Along with the ample well written angling features that cover all aspects of coarse and sea fishing with quality contributions supplied by some of the countries top anglers including Mark Barrett (Editor), Ian Welch, Mick Brown and Steve Pope to name but a few.

This latest addition to the News Agents already full shelves has enough glamour girls and innuendoes to make the Carry On team turn in their graves. UKMA can best describe Fish ‘n’ Tips as "Mr Crabtree meets The Sunday Sport wearing a wonder bra". Packed full of fun, fishing and fancily dressed maidens with a good across the board selection of features to please the most discerning of anglers.

The Jury is still out on this one so all we can say is have a look and if you like it buy it, it might not be to every ones liking but until you have a look for yourself you’ll never know.

Fish ’n’ Tips is In the shops now and sells for £3.99.


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