For all of you match anglers who like to fish natural venues that offer a challenge and a break from the commercial fisheries, then CROMWELL LAKE is definitely a venue to have a go at if you like a challenge. This lakeis best described as a mature natural venue and it offers the visiting match anglers arguably some of the most demanding match fishing sport to be found in the Cambridgeshire area based on the hard fighting fish it holds. The target species included a reasonable head of roach, rudd, perch, tench from 4lbs up to 8lbs plus, bream from skimmers up to 8lbs plus and a good head of carp from 3lbs up to 20lbs plus, with the lake match record currently standing at 140lbs. This picturesque lake has features in every peg including an island that can be fished to from all pegs, marginal vegetation including lilies and rushes and open water weed and lily beds that all hold fish. This is not avenue for the faint hearted, so a strong pole and robust terminal tackle are the only way forward if you wish to tame some of the bigger fish to be had.

Series Information

This annual series of Saturday matches runs for 16 weeks from the last week in March onwards and the top 15 anglers in the series qualify for the final (your top 12 results out of the 16 qualifying rounds count to your final league place and the overall winner receives a cash prize and a trophy). The eventual winner of the final receives a pay out of £500, with cash prizes for second and third and section winners.

Match Rules

  • Two keepnets must be used at all times (silvers, tench, bream & small carp in one, all carp over 5lbs in the other)
  • Boilies as hookbaits only (no loose feeding)
  • Maximum pole length 16m
  • No cupping in whist another rod is in use.
  • No floating baits or surface presented baits
  • Micro barbed hooks are permitted

Booking Details

This event is run by Stan Binge and his overworked partner Fiz Drake who own and run Stanjay Tackle & Trophies in nearby Godmanchester. For all venue bookings and for all series information please call 01480 453303 during business hours. 

Series Results
Round One: Saturday 29th March 2014

With the weather showing signs of settling down and temperatures on the rise, fish were showing themselves and expectations were high for the first round of the 2014 Cromwell Lake series. Unfortunately most anglers found the going very tough with bites hard to find for all except a few. Last years Final winner Vinnie Easy (Stanjay) continued where he left off and secured first place from peg 16, fishing the long pole to the corner lily pads for 24lbs 12ozs. Second place went to Cambridge based rod Alan Bailey, the Cambridge based rod fished peg 26 and landed a stunning 19lbs 9oz common on the pole from a lily pad on his left hand margin. After a long absence from the venue, UKMA rod Ray Best took 2 tench and two small carp from a weed bed to his right at 12m for 19lbs, and in fourth place was John Cartwright who fished the tip to take 2 carp for 16lbs 2oz from a large weed bed at 20m.

  1. Vinnie Easy (Stanjay) - Peg 16 - 24lbs 12ozs.
  2. Alan Bailey (Cambridge) - peg 26 - 19lb 9oz
  3. Ray Best ( - Peg 25 - 19lb
  4. John Cartwright - Peg 21 - 16lbs 2ozs.

Round Two: Saturday 5th April 2014

With a constant south westerly wind blowing at 12 to 20mph up the lake, this made going very difficult for most with the wind making presentation on the long pole very hard, especially for the unfortunate anglers who drew at the car park end of the lake (myself included) where no fish of any stamp were caught from pegs 1 -7 on the railway bank and 27 to the 30’s on the field bank.

However, the anglers who were on the railway bank from peg 8 to peg 13 (feeder pegs) right round to peg 26 (back winds) all catching good stamp fish throughout the match.

The overall winner on the day was John Whitehead on peg 8. John fished dead red maggots on a method feeder to the island boards at 30yds. John took a mixed bag of quality carp and bream for a total weight of 48lbs 12ozs, to comfortably take top prize.

In second place was Ricky Ashwell, the St Neots based rod fished peg 16, with corn in the margins on the pole to take 4 carp up to 19lbs 9ozs for a total weight of 42lbs 8ozs.

In third place Simon Easy, he fished fancied peg 10 and took bream and carp on the pole at13m and feeder to the island, to weigh in 39lbs.

  1. John Whitehead - Peg 8 - 48lbs 12ozs (Method feeder with dead red maggot)
  2. Ricky Ashwell - Peg 16 - 42lbs 8ozs (Pole fished corn in margins left and right)
  3. Simon Easy - Peg 10 - 39lbs - (Pole 13m open water and feeder to island)

Round Three: Saturday 12th April 2014

Round three of the Cromwell Lakes series was hard going for most with a bitterly cold north/north westerly wind making presentation on the long pole a nightmare for most. This harsh wind made every bite count on the day, with these mature fish being un-interested in getting their heads down and having a much. As per usual, a few anglers managed to find some reasonable sport by trying the feeder and pole.

In first place you had Wayne Easy from peg 12, he took two carp on the method feeder with dead red maggot as his hookbait, with the biggest rocking the scales at 19lbs 9ozs  and a good bream on the pole line to give a final weight of 36lbs 4ozs (3 fish).

In second place was Ray Best on peg 15, he had four carp in total including three on the method feeder tight to the island at 18m with 6mm pop up boilies on the hair and one carp on the pole of 9lbs 6ozs, fishing tight to lilies in the corner margin.

In third place was Nick Ohlemann with 14lbs 10ozs from peg and in a very close fourths was Dave Rawlings on peg 6 with three fish for 14lbs 9ozs.

  1. Wayne Easy - Peg - 12 36lbs 4ozs
  2. Ray Best ( - Peg 15 - 33lbs 3ozs
  3. Nick Ohlemann - Peg 29  -14lbs 10ozs
  4. Dave Rawlings (Stanjay Fox) - Peg 6 - 14lbs 9ozs

Round Four: Saturday 19th April 2014

With the Cross Drove two day final diluting the numbers attending round four, a small field of anglers braved the bitterly cold North Easterly wind that dictated the day and well and truly took its toll on the sport to be had for all but a few.

With bites hard to come by Ray Best fished the method feeder to the island and cast to showing fish to eventually take two fish from peg 12 for 11lbs 6ozs and top spot on this very hard day. In second place was John Whitehead on peg 10, he also fished the method to the island and struggled to take one carp for 9lbs 5.5ozs.

On peg 20 was Dave Rawlings who fished the pole to a margin feature for 6lbs 7ozs and 3rd place and in fourth place was Stan Binge, the fishery owner, landed 1 of four carp hooked but was beaten by the weed bed on three occasions to give him 5lbs 8ozs and 4th overall.

  1. Ray Best ( - Peg 12 - 11lbs 6ozs - Method Feeder
  2. John Whitehead (Cromwell Lake) - Peg 10 - 9lbs 6.5ozs - Method Feeder
  3. Dave Rawlins (Stanjay) - Peg 20 - 6lbs 7oz - Pole down the edge
  4. Stan Binge (Stanjay) - Peg 24 - 5lbs 8ozs - Pole down the edge





Round Five: Saturday 26th April 2014


With the wind blowing in from a southerly direction, the resident carp bream and tench decided to have a bit of a feed this week, with all angler catching stamp fish except Stan Binge on peg 20, who lost a good fish in the first few minutes, totally wrecking his island swim, to save a blank, the England Veteran put in a master class on the finer art of catch 3 inch perch on big worm in the margins to the amusement of all the anglers around him.

Top honours on the day went to St Neots rod Ricky Ashwell on peg 6. He put in a determined performance in the gusting wind, fishing 16m to the island to take 4 carp on corn for 34lbs.

Second place on the day went to Vinny Easey on peg 23. The Stanjay backed rod from Cambridge landed 3 good tench and two carp from the back of the notorious lily bed but lost at least ten fish to the dense snag, which cost him top honours on the day.

In third place was Cambridge based Alan Bailey, he fished the open water at 13m to take three carp for lbs from peg one for a worth third on the day.


  1. Ricky Ashwell (Mad Baits) - Peg 6 -32lbs 4ozs
  2. Vinny Easey (Stanjay) - Peg 23 29lbs 2ozs
  3. Alan Bailey (Cambridge) - Peg 1 25lbs 3ozs
  4. John Whitehead (Cromwell Lakes) Peg 28 14lbs 7ozs

Series Table after 5 rounds

1 John Whitehead (Cromwell) 68 Points
2 Dave Rawlings (Stanjay)  65 points
3 Ray Best ( 58 points
4 Vinny Easy (Stanjay) 50 Points



Round Six: Saturday 3rd May 2014


With temperatures plummeting to zero on the eve of round six, all anglers fishing the match found going hard with several anglers on fancied pegs struggling for bites.

On the day fishery manager Stan Binge to top spot with two bream, a big tench and an unexpected 15lbs 2oz pike (which count in matches) giving him top honours from peg 29.

Second place was taken on the day by Vinny Easey from Peg 6, the Cambridge based rod struggled for bites in the first 4 hours to finally take three small carp on red maggot for 15lbs.

St. Neots based rod Ricky Ashwell drew corner peg 16 and took two carp on corn for 12lbs for third overall, he would have done a lot better but he unfortunately lost a very big fish close to the net.

In fourth place was Paul Hendy who had what can only be described as a “total nightmare” on peg one. After taking 1 carp for 8lbs 14ozs, he realised he had dropped his vehicle keys and iPhone in the lake, he then spent the next two hours wading around his swim in his boxers trying to retrieve his phone and key, destroying any chance of him catching. He managed to retrieve his keys but his phone is still in there.

Important Notice - If anyone fishing the venue catches a fish in possession of an I-Phone could they please contact the shop immediately!!


  1. Stan Binge (Stanjay) - Peg 29 - 29 lb 15 oz - chop worm to rushes
  2. Vinny Easey (Stanjay) - Peg 6 - 15 lb - Pole maggot
  3. Ricky Ashwell (Mad Baits) - Peg 16 - 12lb 6ozs - corn to margins and island
  4. Paul Hendy (Stanjay) - Peg 1 - 8lb 14oz - phone on the deck


Round Seven: Saturday 10th May 2014

Gale force winds dictated the sport for many on what can only be described as a hard day at the office for many.

With low pressure and a south westerly wind making the resident fish get there heads down, Ricky Ashwell on fancied peg 24 took advantage of this feature packed swim to take carp and tench on corn, fished over 3mm pellets to take top spot with 28lbs 6ozs which could have been a lot more but the dreaded lily pads cost him several fish.

Second place went to Alan Bailey from Cambridge. He fished corn in the margins to take two big carp and 4 small perch for 25lbs 3ozs from peg 27.

Third place went to Stanjay backed Vinny Easey, the Cambridge rod fished pole and feeder on peg 10 taking two fish for 21lbs 14ozs.

Fourth overall on the day went to Stanjay backed rod Dave Rawlings who fished meat down the track to take carp and bream for 18lbs 1oz from peg 31.


  1. Ricky Ashwell (Mad Baits) - Peg 24 - 28lbs 6ozs - corn over pellet
  2. Alan Bailey (Cambridge) - Peg 27 - 25lbs 3ozs - corn in the margins
  3. Vinny Easey (Stanjay) - Peg 10 - 21lbs 14ozs - Pole maggot & meat feeder
  4. Dave Rawlings (Stanjay) - Peg 31 - 18lbs 1oz - Meat down the track 12m



Round Eight: Saturday 17th May 2014

Clear blue skies and high pressure greeted the anglers who fished round 8 of the Cromwell Lake series. With water temperatures on the up, it was clear to see that mother nature had cast her magical spell on the fish, with many of the resident carp, bream and tench clearly showing signs that spawning was definitely on the agenda.

However, this warm weather had also sparked the lake into life and for the first time this year, the lake produced to its full potential, with some excellent sport to be found.

Top rod on the day was Brian Gibson who fished the long pole to the island on peg 28, to put together a mixed bag of bream and carp for a total weight of 51lbs 8ozs.

Second place went to John Hail on peg 5, John fished long pole and straight led to the island features to take 48lbs 6ozs.

Third place went to Stan Bimge who yet again drew peg 24, he took carp, bream and tench for a total weight of 28lbs 13ozs but unfortunately he broke a top kit and a No.6 trying to bully carp from the now infamous lily pads.

John Cartwright found good bream and the odd carp on peg 7 to take fourth spot, fishing the feeder to the island.


  1. Brian Gibson (Cromwell) - Peg 28 - 52lbs 12ozs - long pole to the island
  2. John Hail (Cromwell) - Peg 7 - 48lbs 6ozs - Long pole & straight lead to the island
  3. Stan Binge (Stanjay) - Peg 24 - 28lbs 13ozs - broken pole to the lily pads
  4. John Cartwright (Cambridge) - Peg 7 -  28lbs - Feeder to the island


Round Nine: Saturday 24th May 2014

Sport was incredibly hard to find for all with regular torrential showers dictating the order of play during the 9th round of the Cromwell Lake series. With the lack of carp showing, this was a sign that they were getting ready to spawn, which in turn made the going incredibly hard for all until the final half hour when the wind dropped, the rain stopped and the sun put in an appearance, only then did catching became easier.

Winner on the day was Stanjay MG backed Vinny Easey, the Cambridge based rod put together 17bs 12ozs from peg 25, including a stunning tench of nearly 8lbs (pictured) and a two small carp.

In second place was St.Neots based Steve Ashwell who took 15lbs 4ozs from peg 13, Cambridge based John Cartwright took third with 9lbs 14ozs from peg 5 and in fourth place was Stanjay MG backed Dave Rawlings with 7lbs 9ozs.


  1. Vinny Easey (Stanjay M G) - Peg 25 - 17lb 12oz.
  2. Steve Ashwell (Cromwell Lake) Peg 13- 15 lb 4oz.   
  3. John ( Tommy ) Cartwright - Peg 5 - 9 lb 14oz.
  4. Dave Rawlings (Stanjay MG) - Peg 30 - 7 lb 9oz.



Round Ten: Saturday 31st May 2014

With the heavy rain over the previous week severely affecting the sport for all during round 10 of the Cromwell Lakes Spring/Summer. With the water level rising by 12 inches and because the lake is pipe fed by the close by river Great Ouse, the lakes water temperature dropped, reduced enough to put most of the resident fish off the feed.

On the day Stanjay MG backed Vinnie Easey took first spot for the second week on the bounce with a well earned 30lbs 2ozs from peg 11.

Huntingdon based Nick Ohlemann drew peg 25 and although loosing several good fish, he secured second spot with 18lbs 13ozs.

Third on the day was Cambridge based Paul Hendley, he fished to the island from peg 14 to take 18lbs on the nose and secure 3rd overall, and in fourth was St. Neots based Ricky Ashwell who landed two fish for 12lbs 12ozs from peg 33.


  1. Vinnie Easey (Stanjay MG) - Peg 11 - 30lbs 2ozs - Various methods
  2. Nick Ohlemann (Cromwell) - Peg 25 - 18lbs 13ozs - Various methods
  3. Paul Hendley (Cromwell) - Peg 14 - 18lbs - Long pole to island
  4. Ricky Ashwell (Mad Baits) - Peg 33 - 12lbs 12ozs - Pole down the edge


Round Eleven: Saturday 7th June 2014

With thunderstorms and heavy downpours forecast for round 11 of the Cromwell series, they delivered their worst before the all in but the high pressure yet again dictated the sport for all on what once again turned out to be a hard day for many.

With bites yet again at a premium, Simon Easey from Cambridge took advantage of the situation by securing the win from peg 9. He was greatly helped to victory by landing one of the lakes big fish at 21lbs on the feeder.

This stunning carp led him a merry dance for nearly twenty minutes before sliding over the rim of the landing net, giving him a final weight of 41lbs 8ozs. With only 3lbs separating the next three places, things were very tight but Brian Gibson took 17lbs 14ozs from peg 29 to secure second overall on the day.

In third place was Stan Binge, taking two carp from peg 25 for a 16lbs 15ozs and in fourth was Cambridge based John Bailey on peg16, who took 15lbs 15ozs for fourth overall on a hard day for all.



  1. Simon Easey - Peg 9 - 41lbs 8ozs
  2. Brian Gibson - Peg 29 - 17lbs 14ozs
  3. Stan Binge (Stanjay MG) - Peg 25 - 16lbs 15ozs
  4. John Bailey (Cambridge) - Peg 16 - 15lbs 15ozs


League Positions after 11 rounds

  1. Vinnie Easey (Stanjay MG) - 175 points
  2. Dave Rawlings (Stanjay MG) - 167 points
  3. Stan Binge (Stanjay MG) - 139 points
  4. John Cartwright - 139 points
  5. Ricky Ashwell (Mad Baits) - 137 points

Round Twelve: Saturday 14th June 2014

With only three rounds left in the Cromwell Series 2014, the battle for places in the grand final and overall series top spot have started to really heat up. With the continued unsettled weather affecting the sport, bites were yet again a luxury for a select few.

On the day, top position went to Paul Hendy, the Cambridge based rod fished the long pole to the island to take a mixed bag from peg 30 for 29lbs 60zs. League leader Vinnie Easey drew fancied peg 25, he fished the pole to the island margins to take 23lbs 7ozs for second overall.

On peg 20 was Grame Worker,  he landed 12lbs 12ozs on the long pole for a hard earned third place on the day. Venue regular Jon Cartwright fish the margins on peg 16 to take 12lbs 6ozs to secure 4th on the day and earn himself valuable league points.

With 3 rounds to go, there are 4 anglers in with a serious chance of taking the series title, the UKMA team will be back next week with the results from round 13 and the updated league table.


  1. Paul Hendy (Cromwell) - Peg 39 - 29lbs 6ozs - Long pole to the island
  2. Vinnie Easey (Stanjay MG) - Peg 25 - 23lbs 7ozs - Pole to island margins
  3. Grame Worker (Stanjay MG) - Peg 20 - 12lbs 12ozs - Long pole to the island
  4. John Cartwright (Cambridge) - Peg 16 - 12lbs 6ozs - Pole down the edge


Round Thirteen: Saturday 14th June 2014


With only three rounds to go, the Cromwell Lake series has started to take shape with the usual suspects showing good form again.

Winner on the day was Stanjay MG backed rod Vinnie Easey, the Cambridge based rod took top honours from peg 33. Vinnie fished to the big lily pads in open water to take mainly small carp and a few tench for an impressive 39lbs 14ozs to keep him at the top of the league.

In second place was venue regular Dave Rawlings, Stanjay backed Dave fished peg 15 to the large lily pad in the corner to take 5 tench and carp for 27lbs 12ozs presenting big punches of meat close to the feature on the margin pole to entice the fish into feeding confidently.

The third spot was taken by Stan Binge from peg 29 but that's where his luck run out because after the match he was trying to retrieve his weed cutter and fell in but unfortunately no images are available.

In fourth position on the day was John Whitehead who took 14lbs 14ozs from fancied peg 13 for good league points.

With the final being held on Saturday the 19th of July, places in the 15 peg final are becoming very sort after with 19 anglers in the reckoning, we'll give you all the runners and riders in next week's results, so until them watch this space!



  1. Vinnie Easey (Stanjay MG) - Peg 33 - 39lbs 14ozs - pole to margin lily pad
  2. Dave Rawlings (Stanjay MG) - Peg 15 - 27lbs 12ozs - Meat to the lily pads
  3. Stan (From Atlantis) Binge (Stanjay MG) - Peg 29 - 26lbs -  sunk in the edge
  4. John Whitehead (Cromwell) - Peg 13 - 14lbs 14ozs -  Various methods







Round Fourteen: Saturday 21st June 2014


With heavy thundery showers forecast for Saturday afternoon, the anglers who braved the conditions were rewarded with bites.

On what turned out to be a very hazardous day, many of the anglers had to take cover in their cars from the torrential rain and lightning that bombarded the venue for long periods.

On the day Stanjay backed Dave Rawlings fished peg 5 to take an all carp bag for a total weight of 33lbs 2ozs.

Series leader Vinnie Easey fish peg 9 for a mixed bag of carp bream and tench, to secure second place with 21lbs 2ozs.

Third overall was Paul Hendy on peg 13, for the second time in a week he landed the same 17lbs common n the pole as part of his 20lbs 6ozs total weight.

Cambridge based Alan Bailey took 4th spot from fancied peg 31 with 11lbs 8ozs.

With only two more rounds to go, the league table is getting very tight at the top, with Vinnie Easey and Dave Rawlings leading the way for the sort after series crown.



  1. Dave Rawlings (Stanjay MG) - Peg 5 - 33lbs ozs
  2. Vinnie Easey (Stanjay MG) - Peg 9 - 21lbs 2ozs
  3. Paul Hendy (Cromwell) - Peg 13 - 20lbs 6ozs
  4. Alan Bailey (Cambridge) - Peg 31 - 11lbs 8ozs









Round Fifteen: Saturday 05 July 2014

With heavy rain on the morning before the match and low pressure, expectations were yet again high for good sport to be found. But yet again as soon as the draw took place the rain stopped and the temperature and pressure went through the roof, pushing the fish to the shallow reed packed margins, close to the island, making bites a luxury for the majority in attendance.

This situation made the going very hard but also very close with only  13lbs separating first and last place. Winner on the day was Cambridge based Alan Bailey he fish the long pole to the island to secure top spot with two carp and two bream for a hard earned 16lbs 9ozs.

Chasing third spot in the overall league positions, Tommy Cartwright fished peg 9 and took three fish for 13lbs 8ozs, keeping the pressure on the anglers just above him.

Third spot went to Stanjay backed Dave Rawlings, he took 1 carp on the pole and a bream on the feeder for a total weight of 13lbs from peg 6.

Fourth spot was secured by Tony Hayden on fancied peg 25, he fished to the dreaded lily pads to take two carp and a small bag of mixed silvers for 10lbs 15ozs.



  1. Alan Bailey (Cambridge) - Peg 29 - 16lbs 9ozs - Long pole to the island
  2. Tommy (two rods) Cartwright - Peg 9 - 13lbs 8ozs - pole & feeder tactics
  3. Dave Rawlings (Stanjay MG) - 13lbs - Peg 6 - Corn on the long pole & feeder
  4. Tony Hayden (Stanjay MG) - Peg 25 - 10lbs 15ozs - Pole various baits

Series top five with one match to go

  1. Vinnie Easey (Stanjay MG)  221 points
  2. Dave Rawlings (Stanjay MG) 201 points
  3. Stan Binge (Stanjay MG) 195 points
  4. Tommy (Two Rods) Cartwright - 194 points
  5. Alan Bailey (Cambridge) 194 points

Summer Evening Series information

The 2014 Summers series kicks off this week, with the first round on Wednesday the 21st of May. The draw is at 17.30 and you fish from 18.15 until twilight (normally around 20.15 to 20.30). For full information and bookings please call Stan or Fiz on 01480 543303.



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