Holme Grange Match Reports

May 2013



Crowthorne Angling Evening Series
Round 1- 29th May 2013

The first round of the evening series for 2013 proved to be a tight affair, but Adam Burrows came through to win on the night with a weight of 74-6-0 comprising of 12 carp caught on a combination of pellet waggler and straight lead tactics throughout the night. In second on the night was Bradley Gibbons who was situated on the pump bank and caught 10 carp on the pellet waggler to lead a tight pack in the fight for second place. In third place on the night was Pat Pritchard on the ‘oak tree’ bank who also used pellet waggler tactics to amass his weight but ended up with 8 fish for his weight to miss out agonizingly on second place by 1lb 12oz..

Overall on the night there was an average of 36lb 7onz caught between the anglers, which on a night where many of the fish seemed disinterested in feeding it showed that everyone caught some fish. There are still nine rounds to go in the series with the best 5 counting so if you would like to book in for any forthcoming rounds please call 01344 777411

  1. Adam Burrows (Crowthorne Angling) 74lb 6oz
  2. Bradley Gibbons (Daiwa Dorking) 53lb 8oz
  3. Pat Pritchard (Tubertini South) 51lb 12oz



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