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Lindholme Lightening Strikes Twice


Although weather conditions were completely different this year, lightening proved that it can strike twice as the opening round of the prestigious UK Angling Championships was hosted at Lincolnshires Lindholme Lakes. As thunder storms rattled around the flatlands, championship contender Jason LeBosquet saw history repeat itself as he ended up sat in the same peg as last years northern round which resulted in his impressive section win and third place overall.



Opting for a chopped worm and loam approach, LeBosquet battled with the wind on the long pole to take an impressive net of 49kg of Lindholmes famous F1s from the house corner of willows lake. “It was a tough match” announced the likeable. “As soon as I drew the same swim I know I was going to use the same tactics that worked so well for me up here last year and I paid off. At Lindholme you need to get your tactics established very quickly and if something is not firing on all cylinders within 30 mins you need to change. Fortunately everything went well and I caught steadily from the off”

It wasn’t plain sailing though.

Pegged on Bonsai Lake, Garbolino team mate Simon Fry started steady but got into the barbel through the mid stages of the event and in a period that lasted a good hour and forty five minutes he put a fine weight of whiskers in the net. “I knew I had got a few but had no idea what the weight was as they vary in size from babies to 4lb fish”. The odd bream and carp made up the weights and on the scales it was an incredibly close run thing with just a few hundred grammes separating Jason and Simon.

The battle for third place raged with an even closer result showing just how good Lindholme is as a competition venue as the two contenders were on two different ponds. Paul Yates, drawn at the end of the prolific Oasis lake took 44kg 620g of small fish on the chopped worm / pole tactic, and Paul “Tommy” Hiller fishing the middle of Laurels, bagged 44kg 620g of F1s and small carp on worm and shallow tactics to scrape onto the podium by the narrowest of margins.

With a payout of 24k and a serious amount of history the televised event has become one of the matches to be sen in and is considered amongst many as THE event to win.

Entries are full for this years series, and the next round sees the UK tour travel south on the 13th July.  


Current League Standings at the top are as follows

Jason Labosquet (pictured right)                     
Simon Fry
Paul “Tommy” Hiller
Paul Yates
Gareth Malham
Nick Speed
Chris Vandervleit
Paul Holland
Matt Smith


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Rob Hughes