Weston Pools Fishery Match Results


Tuesdays Open Rover - 24th June

  1. Robbie Griffiths (Matrix and ABC Baits) 217-9, Peg 14, Stretton - VENUE RECORD SMASHED AGAIN. Fished shallow on castor and caught approx 100lb of F1s up to 5lb, also fished corn down the edges to catch 50lb of Carp up to 6lb, the remaining 70lb were barbel to 3lb and Ide to 1lb on castor
  2. Chris Lewis (Weston Tri-cast) 140-2, Peg 22, Jacks Pool, Method feeder
  3. Mike Philbin (Weston Tri-cast) 138-8, Peg 2, Weir, Castor shallow

Today we had fantastic results with the top 13 anglers all achieving over 100lb each

Wed Over 55s Match - 25th June

  1. Mike Williams (Church Stretton) 160-10, Peg 28, Stretton Castor in the margins, Caught Barbel and F1s with the biggest 3lb
  2. Colin Roberts (Weston Tri-cast) 124-0, Peg 24, Stretton Bread down the edges

Fri Over 55s Match - 27th June

  1. Julian Tatton (Chester Tackle Locker) 96-12, Peg 6, Weir Shallow at 6 meters, and down the edges
  2. Tony Dean (Rod n Reel) 91-2, Peg 16, Weir Castor shallow

Saturday 28th June - Open Rover

  1. Robbie Griffiths (Matrix and ABC Baits) 225-3, Peg 14, Stretton - VENUE RECORD BROKEN YET AGAIN Castor shallow and corn down the edge, Caught mostly F1s to 4lb some carp to 3lb, Barbel and Ide.
  2. Jason Andrews (Weston Tri-cast) 155-4, Peg 4, Jacks Pool Pellet on Top 3
  3. Chris Lewis (Chester Tackle Locker) 143-10, Peg 18, Stretton


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