Team Daiwa® Match 4012

First Impressions


Over the past two decades the Team Daiwa® range of reels has built a reputation for superb all round quality and performance. I was first introduced to the TD range of reels back in 1995 after reading an article in one of the glossy’s featuring Dave Harrell who put his money on the superb TDS2503T. Then about 5 years ago, I once again followed the crowds and joined the masses of anglers who were now using the very impressive TD-R 3012’s for all my commercial fishery work. So after giving these a proper pounding, the time had come to start my quest for a replacement and my search didn’t take too long, introducing the all new for 2011 Team Daiwa® range.

Vital Statistics

HIP High impact line clip
6BB (2CRBB) + 1 Roller Bearing
One touch folding handle
I-shaped handle knob on 2508 & 3012
T-shaped handle knob on 4012 (featured)
Spare spool
Ratio: 4.9:1
Weight: 12.7oz's,
Ball Bearings: 6 (2CRBB)+1
Line Capacity: 150m-12lb


This new generation of match reels includes five models that will cover most fresh water angling situations. They include all the previous features that are standard on all Team Daiwa® reels including AirBail, Twist Buster 2 and Digigear come as standard but in addition you now have the new HIP (High impact line clip). Add to this the lightweight precision moulded body and rotor that is described by Daiwa as giving ‘enhanced performance and feel with incredible durability’ and you have a range of reels that can give the angler who like his toys to have loads of gadgets on plenty to get excited about and play with.

The new Team Daiwa® range for 2011 now incorporates a 4000 size reel that has been introduced to handle the demands of big feeders and powerful float work. With these demanding skills becoming a common requirement on bigger commercial fisheries and rivers a larger, more powerful reel was required by the match angler and Daiwa have now filled the vacant space with the release of the Team Daiwa® Match 4012. This slick looking line distribution machine has masses of power thanks to the 4.9:1 geared down ratio enhanced by 6BB two of which are CRBB’s that are in place to make light work of continuous heavy rig retrieval.


TOP FEATURE - The all new HIP (High impact line clip) is a spring loaded clip that acts as a shock absorber, so when you cast out and the line under the clip tensions at pace, it cushions the impact preventing crack offs and line displacement. This is a feature of the reel that I can’t wait to fully try out.  Like many of you I have had many issues with my reel line releasing from the clip on the cast and this is an area where many reels do need to make improvements. The HIP is definitely a massive improvement on many other line clips currently available.



First Impressions

The New Team Daiwa® Match 4012’s arrived in the UKMA office for review and after loading them with line and having a little play around in the office, they do feel like a reel that carries a £150 should. The silky smooth gearing produces an impeccable line lay on the gold trimmed, precisely forged, spacious alloy spools and there are two supplied with each reel. We haven’t really tested these new offerings from Daiwa Sports to their full potential yet, so all UKMA can say about the Team Daiwa® Match 4012 reel at this present time is they do have an exquisite front drag the is very responsive and making it possible to increase or decrease the drag instantly, the line lay is impeccable and they do really look super stylish but we do really need to put them through their paces on the bank for a true perspective of the reels all round abilities. So watch this space for our on the bank field test that will be on-line very soon.


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