Guru N-Gauge

RRP £4.99

Vital Statistics

  • Extra Strong
  • Accurate Diameter
  • High tech Japanese copolymer
  • Tested and used by leading anglers
  • 100 metre spools


Yet another quality offering from those knowledgeable chaps at Guru, is the all new N-Gauge. This versatile low diameter Japanese copolymer is extremely supple and when you used in conjunction with the recommended knots which are the Figure of Eight and the Palomar, a very consistent knotting strength can be achieved. In my personal tests using Reuben Heaton scales, I found that the N-gauge lost only ounces in the breaking strain when the knots are tied correctly.

Designed primarily with the match angler in mind for Feeder hook lengths and pole rigs, I have recently heard of specialist and specimen anglers using the N-Gauge for winter carp and river approaches with reported resounding results. So if you are looking for a strong, versatile, hi-tech hook length material to try in 2010 then on first impressions I would say give this a go.
Let’s face it, if it’s good enough for Steve Ringer to put his name to it can’t be that bad now, can it?


Available in sizes (all on 100m spools):

  • 4lb (0.13mm)
  • 5lb (0.15mm)
  • 6lb (0.17mm)
  • 7lb (0.19mm)
  • 9lb (0.22mm)
  • 12lb (0.25mm

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