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For those of you who haven’t been in a tackle shop for sometime, GURU have really established themselves as a forward thinking company, that supply practical angling products specifically designed for the match, coarse and specialist anglers needs. With a comprehensive selection of pre-tied hooklengths now available in the Essex based companies terminal range, a storage system was definitely the order of the day to keep them all in.

So taking into consideration all rig storage option previously and now available, they have designed and developed this well thought out RIG BOX, that will more than take care of your needs for numerous sessions. Over the past 3 months the UKMA team have been using one for storing all of our feeder and waggler hooklengths in to see how functional and practical it was, here’s how we got on.


Vital Statistics

The GURU RIG BOX is manufactured from a durable plastic with a tinted hinged lid with the GURU Logo clearly embossed on the top. It features an easy to use front clip lock, to keep everything inside secure whilst in transit. They measure in at a compact 150mm wide x 75mm high x 100mm in depth. Inside you have a central partition to create two storage areas that measure 70mm x 95mm.

Each of these storage areas houses the 10 EVA storage spools that are supplied as standard (5 in each side).

Each of the EVA spools are designed to house 20 rigs in total, this is achieved by simply nicking the hook of the first rig into the EVA, then wrap the rig around the spool. Then simply put the hook of the next rig through the loop of the first rig and continue this process until you have loaded the EVA spool to it’s maximum capacity or you have stored all the rigs you require. Then take one of the black headed anchor pins supplied in the box and secure the last loop with minimal tension for secure storage, without over tensioning the rig or causing it to have a permanent curve which was the downfall of other plastic rig spools from day’s gone bye.




On The Bank Test

As previously mentioned, the UKMA team have been using the GURU RIG BOX to store over 170 hooklengths varying in length from 4’’ long up to 18’’ long and the 8 EVA spools have easily swallowed them up with room for more (maximum recommended capacity 200 hooklengths). Even with pellet bands, bait spikes, speed stops, even with the largest sized hooks we were using (size 10) attached to the rigs, twenty rigs still fitted more than comfortably onto the EVA spools without any risk of the hook points getting damaged or the hook points damaging the rig line. Once fully loaded with rigs, the EVA spools fit comfortably inside the two internal storage compartments. The UKMA team discovered that if you turn the EVA spool round until the retaining pin is located next to the outer or internal dividing walls of the RIG BOX; this eliminates any movement whilst in transit, in turn preventing any risk of rig damage totally. To keep record of what you have on each spool, you can simply write on the front of the EVA spool or stick a small address label on the front to show the breaking strain and hook size.



Final Thoughts

After playing around with the GURU RIG BOX over several sessions, the UKMA team have found it to be a major asset in the rig storage department. No more taking up loads of draw storage space that is needed for other tackle and essential accessories with multiple packets of hooklengths, You can now safely store them on the EVA spools, place them in the box and transport them in your groundbait bucket, carryall or the base tray of your tackle box, with piece of mind that all your valuable rigs are totally safe. If like many anglers you fish a number of different venues, instead of buying a complete RIG BOX, GURU also sell replacement EVA Spools in packs of Five, so you can carry the rigs you need in the box and store the ones you don’t need at home, simple!. The perfect rig storage solution for the match feeder, waggler and pellet waggler angler but specialist bream, tench, barbel and even carp anglers will find a use for one of these handy rig storage solutions. The GURU RIG BOX sell for £10.99 and the spare EVA SPOOLS sell for £5.99 for a pack of five and I for one will definitely be using one for the foreseeable future.

For further information on the GURU range of products, please click the image below to visit the website.

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