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The humble feeder has evolved from its origins, when a piece of lead strip attached to one of the wife’s hair curlers was hailed as being innovative, to the state of the art, aero-dynamic all singing, all dancing offering we use today. To be totally honest it has now got to the stage that virtually every material and design change that can be made to the feeder has realistically already been done by one company or another. So when word came through to the UKMA office of a new feeder system that would revolutionise feeder fishing, we got straight on the phone to Suffolk based NISA Feeders and spoke to their MD Nick Larkin who has generously sent up a few packs for our team to have a play with, introducing the PVA Bag-Up Feeda-Leads.



Vital Statistics

This ingenious new product breaks every rule there is when it comes to conventional feeder design simply because it is not a feeder. What NISA have come up with is a totally original way of fishing with a flat lead loaded with bait (Method Feeder) but rather than having to pre-soak your pellets or ground bait to make them moist enough to mould around your feeder you can now load up with a bait of virtually any size without any preparation required what so ever. This has been made possible by developing an in-line, fish safe, Feeda- Lead that has an elasticated strap system which securely locks and holds a small PVA bag to the lead. Once the bag is secured to the lead by the elastic strap you simply have to place your hook through the top of the PVA bag or mesh to ensure everything is tidy, plus this will help prevents tangles when casting.

The biggest problem with conventional method feeders or flat lead feeders is that no matter how well you mould your feed, you have no guarantees that you feed won't come off. The three most annoying times that your feed normally wants to come off are during the cast, upon impact with the water surface and when falling through deep water. So the majority of the time you realistically don’t know if you have any feed anywhere near your hook bait, until know! NISA realised that by using PVA to package your chosen loose feed and then secure it in place with the elasticated strap mounted on the lead. You can now be totally reassured that when your PVA Bag-Up Feeda-Lead hit the bottom of the lake, your hook bait and feed will all disperse directly over and conceal your lead for perfect presentation every time.

The major benefit of this system over conventional feeder system is that as long as your chosen bait is PVA friendly it can used in conjunction with the PVA Bag-Up Feeda-Leads. Everything from maggots both dead and alive, all groundbaits as long as they relatively dry, crushed or whole boillies, meat both chopped and cubed, bread, Pellets of all sizes including softened pellets but leave them on a towel for a few hours before use so that the outer skin of the pellet is dry. Plus baits like corn, maize and even hemp can be used in PVA mesh or bags but you need to follow the instructions below to prevent the PVA from melting prematurely;

  1. When using baits that are cooked in water, including corn, hemp, maze and tiger nuts. To prevent the PVA from dissolving prematurely simply dip the PVA in neutral based oil like hemp oil before filling. This process does increase the melt time of the PVA by a few minutes but will increase the attraction.
  2. By adding wet particles to lake water and then thoroughly mixing in a liberal amount of sea salt (about a table spoon full at a time) this through some kind of witchcraft make virtually anything suitable for PVA work. This process will also increase the break down time of the PVA by a few minute.


Final Thoughts

I have to admit that the first time I had a look at the PVA Bag-Up Feeda-Leads I was a little unsure just how well they would perform on the bank but any doubts have been well and truly put to bed. After only three hours on a well stocked fishery I was able to put together an impressive catch of carp bream and tench to 6 lbs. Yes you have to wait for the bites because the PVA take a few minutes to break down, but I never had to wait long than 5 minutes for my tip to go round at any point during testing. I’m a great lover of the feeder in its various forms and I have to admit these latest offerings from NISA Feeders are something totally original.

The PVA Bag-Up Feeda-Leads are available in 28g & 36g options that should comfortably cover most angling situations and these very practical pieces of terminal tackle will cost you £3.99 per pack of two.



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