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SPRO Pellet Waggler & Power Pellet Rods

RRP £115

Without question, the productivity of the pellet waggler as the chosen method of attack on many of our commercial fisheries during the warmer months of the year is hard to match. On some of the countries top bagging venues, weights in excess of over 250lb are now common place with confirmed reports of weights over 350lb winning matches. So when the pressure is high and the fish wont have it on the deck, only the fool hardy amongst you would not consider giving the pellet waggler a try.

As with all methods on commercial fisheries, if you don’t use the right tackle you will pay the price with lost fish. The most critical component of the equipment required for the pellet waggler has to be the rod, too heavy an action and you will loose fish under your rod tip or have hooks pull on the take. On the other hand, too soft an action makes controlling the fish a nightmare and when you do finally get them within netting distance you’ll spend most of your day with the fish under the rod tip.

The best way to find out exactly the type of rod is required for the demands of the pellet waggler, is to ask a man in the know. Over the past two years Terry Winstone has established himself as one of the countries top pellet waggler anglers. Terry’s progressive thinking and developments into rigs, presentation and feeding have since won him numerous matches and produced superb weights well over the 300lb barrier and have made him the man to beat on many of the Midlands bagging venues.

After a short but informative call to Terry to ask what does he looks for in a pellet waggler rod, here’s what he said “I prefer a rod with a progressive through action, with a soft tip to cushion the fast takes you get when fishing up in the water. This type of through action rod enables me to give the fish plenty of pressure without the risk of hook pulls close in. The length of rod, I prefer is about 11ft and 2 pieces, this will cast 40yds with ease and give the angler greater control of the fish, plus it packs away nice and tidy.

With this in mind we decided to have a look around the numerous manufacturers’ websites to see what was available to the angler and most importantly able to fit all the above criteria. After a couple of day’s researching the masses of 2 piece pellet waggler rods now available, we pulled the SPRO, two piece, 11ft Pellet Waggler and Power Pellet rods. So after a call to the lads at Angling Concepts, we received the rods for review.


On The Bank Review

Now to keep this review unbiased as possible, we decided to get a couple of the Lancashire Police Fishing team to put the rods through its paces whilst we were out on the bank late last summer. So read on to find out just how well the Pellet Waggler and Power Pellet rods compared and performed on the bank after a gruelling session catching match carp on Rook Lake in deepest Cambridgeshire.

The SPRO Pellet Waggler and Power Pellet have been designed specifically for commercial carp work on British waters.

Both of these rods are constructed from the high quality IMT7 carbon cloth which in turn gives these rods there characteristic progressive playing action.

Both rods are furnished with single-legged Fuji guides on the tip section, with sturdier double-legged Fuji’s on the butt section.

The tip action of both rods has a mellow soft action which should cushion even the most aggressive of takes or over-exuberant strikes and virtually eliminate any chance of snap offs. The Pellet Waggler has enough power in the mid butt section to stop most things that swim but if you are targeting those zoo creatures that inhabit many of our venues then go for the Power Pellet which produces more than enough power.


Both rods are fitted with full length cork handles which is tipped by a duplon screw section that secures your reel in place. In some reviews this handle has been described as being “too long” and the need to “spend a few minutes with a hacksaw” to shorten it was mention. When we field tested the rods we never found this to be a problem and the movement of the rod around the body was not restricted in any way.


Both rods felt totally at home casting 15 gram wagglers to the rising shoals of stock carp at 35yards, picking up the slack line with ease and continuously handling even the most ferocious of takes the residents could produce. During testing these rods managed to land everything that came to the hook with the power and authority you would expect from a rod in the £100 price bracket




Final Thoughts

SPRO have built a rather large following and reputation in the United Kingdom over the last couple of years built around reliability and value for money. SPRO have taken advice from their southern based sponsored matchman Perry Stone and by working with the companies development team, they have been able to put together a selection of waggler rods that will handle pretty much anything swimming in British match waters.
The SPRO Pellet Waggler and Power Pellet rods will join the other rods from the range as rods that fit into their price range comfortably and have the quality of build to satisfy the demands of even the fussiest of anglers.


For more information on the SPRO rods in this review, or other items in the range, please click the image below to visit the SPRO website.

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