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Garbolino Squad Super Feeder 300

TRI-CAST XRS Pellet Waggler

Full RRP X2K4 - 3106 £124.99 / X2K4 - 3116 £139.99
Quality: (29/30)
Usability: (30/30)
Value: (37/40)
10ft 6" - 11ft 6" [ X2K4 - 3106 ]
11ft 6" - 12ft 6" [ X2K4 - 3116 ]
Score (96/100)


Lengths available ] Recommended Reel Lines 2 - 6lb Casting Weights 0 - 10g

Tri-Casts' reputation for quality has been established for years, producing Poles,Float and Feeder rods for the UK market that are renowned for there strength and reliability. So it came as no shock to me when I heard rant reviews about their new XRS Range of Match Rods.

Comprising of 2 Pellet waggler and 3 feeder rods that are designed specifically with commercial Match venues in mind.   After a few phone calls I managed to get my hands on a selection of the new rods to review and I was not disappointed.

Review: Ray Best


XRS 2k4 Pellet Waggler in Action

The XRS 2K4 Pellet Waggler is capable handling of some Very Big Fish

The XRS 2K4 - 3116 Pellet Waggler 11ft 6" 12ft 6" is a sublime piece of kit,. The latest edition to the range, this rod was designed to offer that little bit more casting power than the 10ft 6" - 11ft 6" model. The presentation and performance of this new rod is exactly the same as it's superb little brother. Supplied in a well manufactured cloth bag, the rod is kitted out with RDX quality guides and winch reel fitting, these rods are pencil slim and so light you can easily forget you are holding them. With great expectations, I headed of to a favourite haunt of mine to see how it would cope with the resident carp and I didn't have to wait long to find out what this well manufactured rod was capable of.

Tri-Cast QualityUsing 5lb reel line and a 0.18 hook length, with a 10g loaded Pellet Waggler, Carp after Carp came to the net with the minimum of fuss, I now know why the 10ft 6" - 11ft 6" version was voted "Rod of the year 2007". after 2 solid hours of continuous sport, with fish to double figures and over 120lb of fish landed, my mind was made up, I absolutely adore this rod.

The action of this superb blank is glorious, and even when you think the blank has locked up it kept giving that little bit more at the time when you most need it. No hook pulls, no damaged hook lengths [ that's a first for me] I can honestly say this rod did everything you could I ask of it, yes it's a £140 rod but it definitely acts like one.


With the pellet waggler becoming the in method on many waters, I can see this rod being the chosen tool of many a match angler this year. By far not the cheapest Pellet waggler rod on the market but you'll do very well to better it. A superb Rod that fits it's price tag.

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xrs carp power feeder

TRI-CAST XRS 2k4 Carp Power Feeder

Full RRP £144.99
Tips Supplied
1xYellow or 3/4oz equivalent
1 x P = Purple or 2oz equivalent
1 x Swing Tip Adaptor Section
Quality: (30/30)
Reel Lines
2 - 8lb
Usability: (28/30)
Hook Lengths
1 - 7lb
Value: (36/40)
Max Casting weight
Score (94/100)


This is another quality offering from the superb Tri-Cast XRS-2K4 range of Feeder Rods. The blanks are pencil slim and weights start from a mere 156grms. This shows you just how delicate these rods are, but the total power in these rods will satisfy the demands of the modern Baggin' angler.

Tri-Cast now have 3 models available, a 9ft, 10/6 and 12ft Power version, all of which are perfect for any commercial peg, The Rods are fitted with quality guides throughout and fixed winch reel fitting, they come with two interchangeable tips and also a Swing tip Adaptor section which allows you to fish that method if you so desire.

Don’t think for one moment that these rods are just for big commercial carp waters, because they are not. These Rods have proven themselves to be so sensitive that fishing for small silver fish using the light tip will show up even the shyest of bites.


Ray Best

Now with the 9ft & 10ft 6" versions already reviewed
by a number of Angling Publications to great acclaim, my chance had come to see exactly what the XRS-2K4 12ft Power Feeder could actually do. When setting up this rod my first observation was the put over tips, this was a first for me and I was a little bit concerned that this could effect the action of the rod. My doubts were put to rest as soon as I passed the 8lb reel line through the spacious Aluminium Oxide Guides.

I pulled the line with one hand whilst holding in the other the solid and functional Fuji DPS reel seat which comfortably housed my 4000 size Daiwa Reel. The tip and top section became one to display a very smooth progressive curve, I was really starting to like the feel of this light, slim rod, now all I had to do was catch on it.





Ray BestCasting a small in line 20g plop method feeder loaded with micro pellet 35yds to an island to a line clip, was no problem for this rod. I had to cast regularly for about 20 minutes to create enough interest from the resident carp to produce my first take of the test. The tip danced for about 2 minutes and "whollop" the rod flew round, responding to the angry charge of very upset lake resident. It took a matter of seconds to realise this rod had power to spare. With a steady turn of the reel the rod handled the fight with authority, line started returning back to the spool and the fish was under control. 2 Minutes later a 7lb mirror carp was under the rod tip and on it's way to the Landing net.


The XRS - 2K4 12ft Carp Power Feeder does what it say's on the tin. It has power in abundance, with the ability to land fish of any size in any situation. I have now used this rod for Bream at 50yds and method feeder fishing at Boddingtons Reservoir and it handled all situations with ease.

My only criticism is that a 3rd quiver tip should be supplied rather than a Swing Tip Attachment, apart from that you could put this rod up against anything in it's price bracket and it would comfortably hold it's own Quality:


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