have built a cult reputation over the past 10 years, for supplying some of the best mass produced pole Floats available to the modern angler, with the wire stemmed Concorde, Delta and Stix being the no.1 choice of some of the countries top river and commercial anglers. Not only famous for their Pole Floats, Tubertini reputation for top quality hooks is also second to none, with classic patterns copied by many of the top brands including the Series 175 and series 808 still top of most anglers shopping list.

After visiting the Tackle & Gun Show last year it became very apparent that Tubertini’s UK manager Mark Theedom has tirelessly worked along side the Italian tackle giants to produce a range of products that are designed specifically for the UK market. From Poles to Feeder Rods, Tubertini are now showing the UK tackle trade and anglers alike that they can produce top quality, affordable tackle to cope with the riggers of today’s modern match techniques. After carefully having a play with most of Tubertini’s new product here are 5 that really caught my eye for 2009.

Tubertini Quadra 350 16m Pole Package rrp £999 intro price £799

Strong and well balanced is the best way to describe the Quadra 350, I have used the pole on many occasions and find it suitable for my general pole angling requirements. I have used it for everything from small silvers on light elastics, to stopping carp in there tracks on heavy hollow elastics and found the pole could handle all situations with an element of authority well above it’s price range. “A great all rounder

Tubertini Quadra 350 16m Pole

Tubertini Ethnic Carp Feeder 11ft 6’ rrp £139

This controversially named rod will not just get tounges wagging because of it’s name, it’s slick Brown blank and furniture will please the sternest of tackle tarts amongst you. The butt section of the rod has a Full cork handle tipped with Duplon at both ends, fitted with Fuji rings throughout, every effort has been made by Tubertini to make every moment spent using this rod an absolute pleasure.  The Final finishing touch to this well thought out rod are the three supplied Carbon quiver tips, they are clearly and individually marked and fit the blank perfectly, what else can I say the Tubertini Ethnic Carp Feeder has it all, “Top Quality and Performance

Ethinic Carp Feeder - Tubertini
Ethnic Carp Feeder - Tip Markings



Tubertini Concorde Carp

Tubertini Concorde Carp rrp £1.95

Based on the original Classic Concorde design, the Concorde Carp is as solid as a rock. The solid wire stem and hollow carbon tip are fused together before they enter the diamond body, then once fixed in place they producing a float structure as strong as any other I have ever used. As with most commercial floats, the major problem of the side eyes pulling out under extreme pressure has been rectified on the Concorde Carp. By simply removing the side eye and having the line pass straight through the body, you eliminate a venerable part of the float reducing the chances of stress damage.   

“A great float for all big bait situations”

Tubertini Gorilla Carp
Tubertini Gorilla Carp rrp £1.95

Built around the standard Pear shaped body, the Gorilla Carp is designed as an all round commercial fishery tool. I personally have had great success using them in conjunction with pellet and maggot for Crusian Carp but they are also perfect for F1’s and stockfish up to 6lb but with the coiled spring eye on the hollow carbon tip and strong carbon stem you’ll do well to break these.

“A very versatile float, suitable for all commercial duties”


Tubertini Series 861 Black Chrome Hooks rrp £2.95

Tubertini Series 861 is a barbless eyed pattern, made from a black-chrome material. It has quite a short shank and a wide gape, which is designed to provide a perfect hook hold. They are perfect for hair rigging when commercial carp are the target but would also be suited to any situation where larger specimen are the target and when a strong sharp hook is imperative. “A Beast of a Hook

Tubertini Series 861 Black Chrome Hooks


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