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Not a new product by any means but one that should not be forgotten. Bait-Tech originally released these pre-drilled Halibut Marine pellets to huge acclaim from the carp and specialist press. Then the pellets soon found favour with the big river match anglers, who found them to be both very easy to use and superbly effective at sorting out big Chub, Bream and Barbel from rivers like the Trent, Seven and Avon.

The Halibut Marine Pellet is a food source based around strong flavoured pre-digested fish meals, incorporating essential aminos and fatty acids, which have been proven big fish stimulants for many species on many types of waters. The Halibut Marine is available in 8mm, 12mm, 16mm and 20mm sizes, pre-drilled for your convenience for use as a hair riggable hook baits.

Final Thoughts

Halibut Pellets in one form or another have made there way into virtually every anglers bait bucket over the past 7 or 8 years. With time the original excitement has calmed down and the bait has returned to a cult status not dwindling in popularity by any means but proving to be the bait for the exclusive minority rather than the majority. With this in mind, always remember big fish love halibut pellets so never leave home without them.


I have been getting reports from several waters were the Anglers have been heavily feeding 20mm Halibut pellet for the resident Catfish. These reports show that these same anglers are catching big Carp and a lot of them by fishing smaller Halibut Marine Pellet on the hair with half a Hi-Viz Pop Up to make their hook bait stand out. The best approach is to feed 20mm and fish a 16mm on the hair with half a 14mm Hi Viz Pop Up, Give it a go, you’ll be surprised at the results but keep it to yourself.


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