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I'm not sure exactly what it is about gadgets that catch us anglers but we have an uncanny habit of finding numerous bizarre products that we must have to actually catch a fish. Everything from free view TV's, power packs, phone chargers, halogen lighting, along with many other gadgets are now found in many anglers bivvies these days. Let's face it, we as men can't live without a gadget for every job at home and this trend house now over-spilled into our angling. I for one, as have many of the UKMA team have fallen prey to this trend and without them, what else do we have to impress or bore our angling companions with. One gadget in particular that was shown to us by an industry colleague that instantly caught The UKMA teams eye is the Self Stirring Mug, have a read to find out what this handy mug has to offer you.



Vital Statistics

The Self Stirring Mug  is a thermally insulated stainless steel beverage holder with a heavy duty, comfortable to hold plastic handle and sealed removable lid with a pouring slot. It measures in at 1114mm in height x 88mm wide and has a maximum liquid capacity of 14ozs (0.7 of a pint). It  features an internal whisk, that is driven by a small motor that is mounted in the base unit of the mug and this is powered by two AAA batteries (not supplied). To install the batteries, simply turn the mug upside down, twist the base cover in an anti clockwise direction and install the batteries as clearly marked in each chamber. Once the batteries are installed and the base cover is secured back in place,  the mug is then on permanent standby and ready to use.



To make the perfect drink, simply fill the mug with boiling water, add your coffee or any powdered beverage to the water, then add your sugar or sweeteners and you're ready to stir.



To stir your drink, you have a yellow plastic button on the top of the handle, simply press the button and within seconds the internal rotor spins and creates a rotating vortex that perfectly mixes your drink. the other nice bonus of using the Self Stirring Mug is all your beverages have a lovely frothy consistency that tasted just like the frothy drinks you get at the cafe. When making tea, simply drop the tea bag in the mug and leave to brew for two minutes, then remove the bag (you'll still need a spoon or asbestos fingers to take the bag out) add your milk and sugar if needed and press the button, job done!



TOP TIP - To clean the mug after use simply pour in a bit of boiling water, swirl around and pour the water away. Then once you are happy that no residue remains in the mug, simply place the mug on a towel place on a towel upside to dry or wipe with a clean cloth, job done!


Final Thoughts

Ok it's a gadget and won't improve your catch but on those occasions when the weather is bitterly cold and you need a drink after landing a fish, it performs fast and efficiently and reduces all the usual messing about. One top tip for you is, don't demonstrate the Self Stirring Mug to your mates unless it is at least 3/4 full of liquid because the rotor will through liquid everywhere and most all over you so take heed! to get your hands on one of the Self Stirring Mugs, simply visit EBay or Amazon and search for Self Stirring Mugs, they sell for less than £6.00 and after using one for the past 5 months (roughly ten coffee's a day), this gadget works superbly and as yet, I haven't had to change the batteries, so the Self Stirring Mug performs economically as well.


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