PowaWalker® Ranger™

4 Wheel Twin Motor Electric Power Trolley
+ Ranger™ Panel Kit


It has become the trend for the modern match, carp and specialist session anglers to carry enough kit to start an invasion of a small country. To move this amount of kit about without killing yourself before you reach your swim is arguably the worst part of the session and most physically demanding in many cases. So in many cases, the days of using a conventional push barrow for many anglers (especially us older gits) are coming ever closer to ending and if we wish to continue humping a van load of gear any distance, then mechanical assistance is necessary to make this essential angling task mush easier and less daunting. Lets face it, the older we get as anglers the less enthusiastic we get to hump loads of gear long distances.

Over the years Kent based PowaWalker® have become the leading brand in the world of motorised barrows, with something to offer every angler who visits the bank and needs to transport gear with the minimal amount of exertion. The latest development in trolley design sees their already popular 4 Wheel Electric Power Trolley, have a second motor fitted as standard to make this work horse more user friendly, even on the steepest of hills you are likely to encounter bank side. So to see what the PowaWalker® Ranger™ 4 Wheel, Twin Motor Electric Power Trolley has to offer you the angler, the UKMA team have been fortunate enough to have one sent to the HQ, so we can have a proper look.


Vital Statistics


The PowaWalker® Ranger™ 4 Wheel, Twin Motor Electric Power Trolley utilises a full steel frame chassis that has been sandblasted and then finished off with a durable powder-coated finish (available in black or green) that has been utilised to offer maximum all weather protection and prolonged life expectancy. For total reliability PowaWalker® have also totally sealed all moving parts to make them completely maintenance free which is a very nice touch indeed. The main loading platform is manufactured from 3mm thick aluminium chequer plate that is lightweight yet incredibly durable and offers a gripped surface to help prevent luggage and accessories from sliding around when in transit. This has also had a powdered coating added to protect from the elements and make every thing look nice.



Power Supply

The Ranger™ 4 Wheel, Twin Motor Electric Power Trolley has 2 x 200 Watt motors that Producing 280 Watt @ 4000 RPM each, which makes it incredibly powerful and capable of taking on most terrains you are likely to encounter when bank side. These are driven by the new 12V20AH Sealed Lead acid battery (SLA) that is fully sealed meaning maintenance free (one supplied as standard in branded hard wearing bag). This more compact neater and most importantly more powerful than the original batteries supplied with the single motor version of this Trolley Each battery gives you 4 hours continues power and can transport a maximum load of 60kg (132lb) for an impressive 6km (3.7miles) from a single full charge. By adding a second battery, you can extend the distances achievable to a staggering 12km (7.4miles) which will be more than enough for any travelling angler even when off road conditions are applicable.




PowaWalker® recommends you charge the batteries for at least 10 to 12 hours before using to get the very best and long term performance from your battery.



There is nothing worse than the power running out on your phone or tablet when you are out on the bank. So Mike and the team at PowaWalker® have sorted out a very simple but practical solution to this problem.  If you look from the handle on the left hand side of the Trolley, on the underside of the loading platform, you have two power outlets. These are both standard cigarette lighter attachments as found in most vehicles, meaning can use a charger attachment from your car or alternatively you have an adaptor that simply fits into either of the attachments that has a USB port meaning you can use a standard USB charger attachment, Well Handy!!!



Other features on the Ranger™ 4 Wheel, Twin Motor Electric Power Trolley now include the new 11” x 4” inch Wheels. This specific tyre has been selected based on the fact that they are Ideal for anyone who wants off road performance for extra rugged complex and hilly terrain. The tyres should be checked regularly to ensure they stay at the recommended maximum 25 PSI. The Ranger™ 4 Wheel, Twin Motor Electric Power Trolley also comes supplied with a luggage bungee, this 1200mm x 20mm flat bungee is a must for your trolley, unlike conventional bungees, these do not cut into your luggage and at each end you have a large plastic hook for easy attachment to the hooking points fixed to the Trolley.



How To Use

Once you have taken your PowaWalker® Ranger™ 4 Wheel, Twin Motor Electric Power Trolley out of its packaging, simply follow the manufacturer’s instructions listed below and you can’t go wrong, it’s that straight forward!!

1 - The handle is up side down for transportation, it needs to be unbolted and turned around by 180 degrees and should be replaced as tightly as possible to squeeze the steering block together which makes for a smoother action.

2 – The rear wheels have two grooves in the axle to put into free wheel mode, just press the wheel release clip in the centre of the wheel and pull forward 1 groove.

3 - Obviously for health and safety reasons there is a release spring in the speed switch. If this proves cumbersome, you can always remove it but always remember you have to manually turn the speed down.

4 – The battery life in normal conditions is approx, 4 hours. If this is unsatisfactory it is possible to ‘Daisy Chain’ another battery and almost double the battery life in terms of how long you can continuously use it for.

Although a new battery is supplied charged, it has to be activated to give full performance. You do this by charging the battery for at least 10 hours before its first use (even though the green light will show well before 10 hours). This begins the battery activation. The remainder happens automatically after the first few uses. After about 6 trips the battery has then reached its optimum level.



Once you’ve done all the above you are ready to go, so with your battery attached your ready for the road. To switch the PowaWalker® Ranger™ 4 Wheel, Twin Motor Electric Power Trolley on, there is a simple on-off flick switch that is found on the right hand side of the Trolley. Once you’ve turned it on the white indicator light will glow on the handles control panel. To make the Trolley move all you have to do is push either the reverse or forward button with your finger. Then whilst holding the chosen button, you then rotate the speed control with your thumb and you are away, it’s that simple. Remember the PowaWalker® Ranger™ 4 Wheel, Twin Motor Electric Power Trolley moves at above walking pace, so be ready for it because I nearly ran myself over the first time I turned it on!

For an in depth look at the PowaWalker® Ranger™ 4 Wheel, Twin Motor Electric Power Trolley, please use the following link to view the manufacturers product video;


Essential Accessories

To get the very best capacity out of the Ranger™ 4 Wheel, Twin Motor Electric Power Trolley, you can buy a Ranger™ Panel Kit. These panels make it possible to transform your Trolley’s loading platform into either a box type transportation area when attached in an upright position or when fitted flat they near double the surface area, which comes in very handy when big seat-boxes or large bedchairs, are being carries. These attach to your Trolley via two strong steel arms that slot into the two spring loaded bolt fastenings on the underside of the Loading platform. The panels then lock together via 4 trailer latches attached to the side panels that simply pass through the end panels and lock in place. With the supporting arms pushed all the way in, the panels sit in the upright position and when the arms are slid out, this enables the panels to fold flat and remain totally stable even when fully loaded. A set of these will cost you £69.99 but UKMA highly recommend you invest to get the maximum loading capacity and optimum load stability from your Trolley.



WARNING - NEVER exceed the maximum carrying weight of 60kg or you will eventually burn the motor out!

TOP TIP - If you off road regularly on rough terrain, lets face it not all fisheries have hard or well managed pathways, by adding a second battery you can near double the usage time and torque of the Ranger™ 4 Wheel, Twin Motor Electric Power Trolley. The PowaWalker® 12v -20 Ah Battery’s sell for £59.99 each and will make a huge difference to the all round performance of the PowaWalker® Ranger™ 4 Wheel, Twin Motor Electric Power Trolley So if you are planning a long session, you’ll have enough power in reserve to move your kit to and from the car park and as a Brucie bonus, you can also keep your phone, camera, laptop or tablet charged for the full duration of your bank-side session.



First Impressions

PowaWalker® Ranger™ 4 Wheel, Twin Motor Electric Power Trolley is a practical solution to tackle haulage when everything but the kitchen sink is being taken out for a session. After playing around with this beast of a Trolley, you soon realise that is without question a very serious piece of kit that has been built to last to the highest specifications. Every material and fixture used in the manufacturing of this piece of engineering pleasure serves a purpose and performs that purpose perfectly, without any fuss or confusion. The twin motors produce more pull than a Kings Cross prostitute on steroids and they make the transportation of your gear a total doddle, meaning you arrive at your swim totally fit to fish rather than puffing and panting like a greyhound after a race.

This is definitely not a barrow for the angler who fishes out of a small car but if you have an estate car or small commercial vehicle then you are laughing. Yes the price is high at £549.99 but what you get for your money is the perfect transportation solution that as long as you follow the manufacturer’s guidelines will last you for years and you also get the piece of mind that, PowaWalker® offer the following warranty;
Trolley and charger are warranted free from defects of workmanship and materials and will be repaired or replaced without charge for parts and labour for a period of 12 months from date of purchase.

Foot Note – Like any serious bit of kit that we review, we don’t take anything for granted at the UKMA HQ, so we asked the UKCA duo better known as the ‘Carp Girls’ to put the PowaWalker® Ranger™ 4 Wheel, Twin Motor Electric Power Trolley through its paces, loaded to capacity over several sessions. We will be publishing their findings shortly, so watch this space!!

Fully Field Tested


The UKMA team had a real good look at the PowaWalker® Ranger™ 4 Wheel, Twin Motor Electric Power Trolley a few weeks ago and on first impressions it really looked a perform well. But like everything we do on here, we leave nothing to chance and decided to get the Carp Girls to put it well and truly through its paces to see how well it would perform in a working environment whilst fully loaded. So after several sessions out on the bank, we asked the girls to report back to the UKMA HQ with their thoughts and honest opinions based on usage of this top quality product. Read on to find out what the Carp Girls had to say about this feature packed electronic Trolley




The speed is easily varied to suit your own walking speed charging ports of the barrow are extremely useful top up your mobile phone etc why on the bank. Whilst putting the PowaWalker® Ranger™ 4 Wheel, Twin Motor Electric Power Trolley through its paces, we found the driving controls are as simple as they come, reverse or forward buttons and a speed control wheel is all you have to handle and even with small hands, everything is at your fingertips and easy to reach. We found that a fully loaded barrow can easily be driven one handed once you’ve totally sussed out the speed control.

Something else we found very handy was that the rear wheels can be altered slightly on the spindle position to allow the barrow to go into free wheel rather than powered motion. This function comes in real handy if you run out of battery or just need to move the barrow in and out of storage without using the battery. There is a little juggling needed to lift the barrow off the ground to free the wheel so you can move its position on the spindle to disengage the motor but with a little practice you can do it in a few seconds.

The Ranger™ Panel Kit


This is a great extension to the standard flat bed barrow. We found the added width they gave when fitted in the flat position was more beneficial than when in the upright position but this is down to how we loaded the tackle on to the barrow. Once fully loaded, balanced and stable, you can secure the load by attaching the bungees that are supplied as standard and once attached, these ensure that the loaded is fully secure whilst in transit. If you have a bit of a play around at home before your session and find the best way to load your equipment onto the PowaWalker® Ranger™ 4 Wheel, Twin Motor Electric Power Trolley, this will save you valuable time when arrive a the lake.

Even when loaded to capacity with the side panels in the upright position to create the standard box storage area, you’ll be amazed how much kit you can actually carry in one load. a huge carryall, large bait bucker, carp cradle, spod and marker rods, additional clothing and numerous other small accessories were all carried comfortably. Yes the load capacity will be slightly reduced when being used in this configuration but when you are on a long session and two trips is the only option, by adding the Ranger™ Panel Kit at least you have options based on your requirements on any given session.



Final Thoughts

The PowaWalker® Ranger™ 4 Wheel, Twin Motor Electric Power Trolley is easy to use and very versatile bit of kit and with the Ranger™ side panels fitted and set in the flat position, you can carry the bulkiest pieces of kit easily and securely (including the biggest of bedchairs on the market) The effort expelled when using the PowaWalker® Ranger™ 4 Wheel, Twin Motor Electric Power Trolley to transport your tackle to and form your swim is minimal compared to using a standard barrow (no more broken back before you start a session).

It also makes life a lot more pleasurable when packing up at the end of a session, meaning no more having to push 50kg plus of kit half way round a big lake, before you have to drive home (bliss). After using the Ranger™ 4 Wheel, Twin Motor Electric Power Trolley’s for a while now, we’re not sure we would ever consider going back to an ordinary barrow after using one of these. For the cost of these compared to non-motorised barrows, I would recommend the extra expenditure simply because the effort it saves in blood sweat and tears, far out weighs the extra cost.

The best bit of kit we’ve got our hands on for a few years”.

THE CARP GIRLS”  Elaine & Debbie

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