Trakker Accessories 2011

Part Two

It’s always nice to get all those easy to lose terminal tackle and accessory items organised and at hand. There’s nothing worse than fumbling around in the dark trying to find a piece of kit because you have just thrown it into your carryall or holdall.  Over the years I have learned that an organised angler wastes no time and when these samples of the all new for 2011 Trakkers accessories came through to the UKMA office, I was keen to start filling them. So here is Part Two of the Trakker Accessories 2011.

Trakker NXG Bitz Bag (Large)

The Bitz Bag is a great little addition into anyone’s terminal tackle management system. They offer a versatile and practical solution that can be used for a multitude of purposes. The dimensions of this bag are 28 x 18 x 9cm, and within the internal storage chamber you have 2 fully adjustable and removable, Velcro fastened dividers which are designed to separate the bag into 3 smaller sections. The bottom of the bag is made from Nyplax™ which is a strong, almost leathery feel material which can also be wiped clean easily should you wish to keep them looking as good as new. On the side of the Bitz Bag you have a sturdy carry handle which makes transportation and removal from the bags place of storage very simple even when it is fully loaded. To keep everything securely inside the bag there is a 2 way zip which also makes opening the bag a doddle. The bag is finished off in the distinctive NXG colours, as well as the brands name embroidered neatly into the top of the lid, which is a discreet yet elegant gesture.

Trakker NXG PVA Pouch

The all new PVA Pouch is a very well designed storage option that can be filled with all the essentials that you are likely to need when using all types of PVA. The NXG PVA Pouches dimensions are 25 x 15 x 16cm.

Once inside you really get a feel for how much thought has gone into this design. You have 10 internal pockets which can be filled with all manner of PVA including bags, tape, string, spare stocking spools etc.

The most innovative feature that caught my eye though was the small, foil lined zip pouch that allows you to pre-make a few bags up in advance and transport them in perfect condition; great for those situations when you need a rig in position fast.

There is also room to carry items such as scissors, needles, boilie stops etc, which means that this would make a great PVA / stalking bag for those that enjoy roving around the lake looking for their next bite.


Final Thoughts

If you like your terminal and accessory items manageable and easy to find these latest offerings from Trakker fit the bill. They offer secure and organised transportation solution that will make it much easier to find those essentials that we all lose from lack of tackle organisation. No more excuses these Trakker NXG storage accessories do exactly what it says on the tin with an attention to detail that many companies have missed out. The Bitz Bag (Large) sells for a reasonable £12.99 and the PVA pouch which is my pick of the bunch sells for £14.99 but shop around for the best deals.


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