All In A Weeks Work!

by Andy Ormrod


The last week or so has seen me wearing a few different angling caps, in a metaphorical sense anyway. One of the beauties of being an angling tutor is that I get to help lots of different types of angler. I have a nice mixture of anglers who are joining me for the first time and ones who have fished with me in the past. I get to offer opinions and share ideas on various forms of coarse fishing and I like to think of my self as an all rounder, although my strongest suit is probably in my carp fishing. Many of my returning customers have previously asked me to help them to get to grips with another form of angling and many of my “dad and lad” customers came fishing for the first time on one of my beginners sessions and then have progressed in their angling to a point where they are looking for little advice on more advanced methods or styles of fishing, such as pike or carp fishing or a specialist method or approach.

The last week has been a perfect example of a week which tested my skills in a number of different ways. The beginning of the week saw me fishing with Mark down at the famous Linear Fisheries in Oxford. If you’ve read my blogs in the past you’ll know that Linear is one of my favourite day ticket carp venues and I love spending time there. Mark has fished with me in the past and had good results, both on his tutorials and subsequently in his own fishing. He’d asked me to show him the ropes on one of the prolific Brasenose waters and so Sunday, Monday and Tuesday passed happily by, with me showing Mark how I tackle Brasenose Two. Going over marker float and spod work and then solid bag and zig fishing is the order of the day down there but we also managed a little bit of stalking too. We had a great session with twenty one fish meeting our landing nets. The bigger fish avoided us but we managed several fish over 20lbs including this lovely 23lb mirror.



Wednesday was a non fishing day, sometimes other priorities must be taken care of and my better half’s birthday is one of these! That left me with a day to prepare my tackle for several upcoming tutorials, the first of which was with a dad and lad pair who were fishing for the first time. Steve and his son Tom had been booked in to fish with me by Tom’s Grandmother as a birthday present. Luckily enough the fishing Gods smiled on us and the day was perfect weather wise. The eager pair fished simple float tactics on one of the quieter lakes at my local commercial fishery. I showed them the basics in terms of tackle selection, setting up and then the skills of casting, striking, playing and unhooking fish and soon the two new anglers were up and running and a light hearted match completed their session. The chaps caught lots of small silver fish, amongst them were plenty of roach, perch, ide, gudgeon and bream which all fell to float fished maggot.



The remainder of the week gave me opportunity to do a little fishing myself and also do some bait preparation. I’m a fan of preparing my own particles for my carp tutorials and so the biggest pan imaginable was unearthed and the Mrs banished from the kitchen. She doesn’t much care for the smell of cooking pigeon conditioner or hemp for some reason. My bait freezer is now full, the kitchen has been returned to normal order and thankfully a much more pleasant smell has been coming from it in recent days! I mentioned that I had a little time to fish myself, the reason for this was that the carp have taken to fornication rather than gluttony over the last few days and I’m sure the same is happening across the country. I had planned to be away for a few days with another regular client of mine but due to the fish having other ideas we both agreed to leave them alone. This gave me a chance to do a little lure fishing and although I could only manage to fit a couple of hours in, it was great fun. The local pike and perch played ball and my favourite lures now have a few more battle scars than they did a week ago!



The next ten days or so see me with two carp tutorials booked in, four beginners days arranged and a specialist method feeder / pellet waggler session to boot. Hopefully the carp will get their spawning done and out of the way and I’ll have a few more sessions to tell you about.

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Andy Ormrod is a licensed angling coach


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