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I had a very interesting exchange last week in which I was asked to consider why it may be perceived that the big name angling companies choose to ignore carp angling any further north than the Watford Gap! In truth, it hadn’t really occurred to me that it could be the case, but after further consideration, I realised that I’d never seen a carp programme, DVD or video shot anywhere but one of the top Oxfordshire / Cambridgeshire / Essex type venues or abroad; why is that?

The answer to me is glaringly obvious; carp ‘Oop North’ just do not grow to the sizes of their southern brethren in sufficient numbers, and in an arena where size is everything, big carp sell products. If ‘celebrity’ anglers fished places where a 20lb carp was a rarity rather than the norm, and thirties were unheard of, then would anglers rush out to buy the latest gadget or gizmo? Or does the sight of huge lump of carp immediately inspire potential customers to go and stock up their tackle box? I’d argue the second option much more feasible, after all, who would go out and spend hundreds of pounds if the carp shown in such video presentations weighed in at 5-10lbs? Not many I’d wager, but if the tackle and tactics shown guaranteed 30-50lb carp, then that’s different!

Is that it though? Another point made was a lack of investment in carp fisheries further up the country; my argument was to consider places like Raker Lakes, Pendle View, and others where big fish are prevalent. Having said that, after debating, I was struggling to think of any top venues further north than Yorkshire; I rarely get any reports from Scotland where 20lbs is an immense fish, so is investment feasible to create a viable carp fishery in the frozen north? Again, it goes back to the issue of size; in cooler climes, the carp just don’t seem to grow to anywhere near as big as elsewhere, so to buy the fishery, heat the water, buy the required strain of fast growing carp and kit out the fishery to make it attractive to specimen anglers in addition to waiting for all this to establish into a viable eco system……it’s just not possible is it?? It appears to be sad but true…..



On the catch front, I fished a lovely little Cheshire club water and followed up my last brace of twenties with another decent fish at 20lb 3ozs; not a monster, but then I’m not ‘….down South’ and 20lbs+ is still a respectable fish, so I was happy. I often read about the next ‘must have’ rig or bait tweak and wonder if I’m missing out, but a decent bait (in this case Marukyu Credence Corn, you HAVE to try this stuff!) in the right place, on a simple braid rig, and a fish resulted within twenty minutes! I did learn something again this week; I use a lot of liquid additives, my current favourite being another from my sponsor Marukyu’s stable, the Credence Marine Liquid. Straight from the bottle, it’s sticky stuff, and will adhere to almost anything, but if you make up a pva stick, then drizzle with Credence Marine, it becomes super sticky if left in the sunshine and forms a tacky crust which covers your baits! Think ice cream chocolate sauce which hardens, and you are on the right lines! Yum! Try it and see for yourself….but don’t eat it!

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