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One of the highlights of my calendar features lots of anglers getting together, a little bit of networking and some fantastic new products! The Marukyu Media/Launch day at Mallory Park is always interesting, and offers the chance to share information about new products with the many retailers and anglers who are invited each year...and we get a smashing breakfast too!

The day starts with an introduction from CEO John Loftus, a short explanation of the baits from Roy Marlow, I usually get stitched up to speak about the requirements of media images and content and then the invited guests are left to sample the products at the excellent Glebe Fishery nearby. As usual, it rained again, so whilst the fish were happy, the anglers were less so as the persistent rain made conditions unpleasant, although the friendly match was won with over 200lbs of fish, all taken on the new baits! Listening to consumer feedback is a vital aspect of my work at Marukyu, and along with Marketing Manager Nick Marlow, we feed this information back up the chain to the senior management to help decide future products, price points and pack sizes. An example of this is shown by the release of the brand new 2 kilo pack range which covers four fantastic varieties of groundbait with an equivalent price to competitor products. We were constantly asked when we going to offer this particular item, so after some research to ensure the very best ingredients, the packs have been released for retail sale and have been extremely successful, even selling out in just three hours in some cases...

The recently released Skrill (Squid and Krill) pellets are another new addition to the 2014 catalogue, again, an example of what anglers wanted. The pellets are uniform in both shape and sink rates, black in colour, available in 2, 4, 6, and 8mm sizes, and have high levels of attraction. I witnessed them in action (I've also used them myself) when I watched Phil Allton quietly bait the margins before proceeding to catch a match winning 211lbs. Phil dampened the pellets first to help break the surface tension, fed a couple of handfuls then fished a banded Skrill over the top and added a few more pellets every couple of minutes; a masterclass in match angling made easy with a great new bait...the carp loved them!



Not yet in the shops, but seen for the first time yesterday were two new soft hooker pellets designed to complete the Skrill and Jpelletz range of hard feed pellets. These new hookers are as close to neutral buoyancy as possible, resilient once hooked and incredibly simple to use and will be very popular once on the shelves of your local store. A demonstration showed how quickly they leak attractants into the surrounding water making them almost impossible for fish to ignore. They can be hair rigged or hooked directly, so offer a range of options depending on the conditions; I can't wait to try them!

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