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I've recently rejoined Derby based club The Earl of Harrington's AC after learning that they have successfully expanded their portfolio of waters to include five superb park lakes in addition to numerous other quality venues. This week, I took my second trip to Allestree Park in the heart of Derby to try and tempt some of the bream which reside within...

Park Lakes can be hit and miss when it comes to results; many have been pillaged over the years, neglected by councils facing endless funding cuts and abused by those who don't see them as an asset, but some are hidden gems, full of unknown wonders which can offer ample reward for the angler. Allestree covers around seven acres and has some immense shoals of bream which are well worth targeting, there are quality tench in abundance, dark backed scaley carp and a few other surprises yet to be discovered; seen, but not yet caught!

My approach was simple; a light quivertip rod, cage feeder and fairly long hook link, the feeder packed with the new Marukyu Sweet Fishmeal groundbait and maggots on the hook. A few casts to get some bait down quickly, and then a turn of the reel handle to put a gentle curve in the tip and I settled down to wait. Bream fishing can be time consuming; the fish often lead a nomadic existence travelling around their favoured patrol routes, stopping only long enough to hoover up any feed then moving on, so getting them to stay in one place can be difficult unless there is enough food to keep them occupied. Every ten minutes, a recast ensured a bit more attraction in the swim, and after an hour, I started to see odd rolling fish and got a few twitches on the 'tip as deep bodied bream brushed against the line...then it wrenched over and I was into my first fish. The expected 'wet sock' battle ensued, but within a minute or two, a plump bream of around 4lbs lay in the net...hopefully the first of many.


I missed a few bites, then bounced a fish off which can be enough to spook the shoal if you are unlucky, so after adjusting the hook link and still missing bites, the method feeder seemed like a good idea. I like to use a small Preston match type feeder with a mould; it keeps things tidy and when I'm casting clipped up, a consistent weight makes it much easier to put the bait on the right spot. Again, the feeder was loaded with the Sweet Fishmeal groundbait and three maggots on the hook before casting to the clip. Feathering the cast and plunging the rod tip under water sinks the line quickly and ensures I stay in constant contact with the baited rig until it hit the lake bed as when fishing the method, it can sometimes bring instant results and it's important to be in control. The bites came steadily for the remainder of the morning before the shoal decided to move on. I'd managed to land around fifteen decent bream to 4lbs, five tip top tincas to almost 5lbs and a bonus mirror carp of 16lbs 15oz. Most of the fish fell to maggot, although all but one tench preferred Marukyu strawberry 10mm boilies which were used as a change bait when thing slowed...

Overall, it was an excellent session on a water which is already starting to signs of improvement under the new management. The venue is lovely, the tactics were simple and the fishing fun...what more could you ask for? Find out more at

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